5 Games That Would Be Awesome On Google Stadia!

Cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia could very well the ways in which we play games—but only if the games are available to play on the software. The PlayStation Now software was highly criticised for its expensive fee which effectively offered little more than a collection of nostalgic but otherwise outdated games, and it will be important for Google Stadia to learn from Sony’s mistakes.

We already know about a number of games that are going to be available on the Google Stadia gaming platform, including Baldur’s Gate III and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, however there are also so many other titles that would be incredible to see available on Google Stadia!

Google Stadia Resident Evil 8

Despite being initially released in 1996 by Capcom (that’s over twenty years ago), Resident Evil has been an incredibly successful franchise that has captured the imagination of many gamers! With a massive 91 million units of the game having been sold across the world, the success of this franchise is immense and it is no surprise that is has, therefore, been Capcom’s best selling title!

Traditionally, the Resident Evil franchise followed the story of survivors of a zombie apocalypse, forced to try to escape the hell they find themselves in by battling zombies and the deadly bio-weapons and monsters released by the notoriously evil Umbrella corporation as they go. In later instalments of the series, the Umbrella Corporation is still very much at large, with the player being tasked to survive the numerous bioweapons unleashed upon them by Umbrella.

This is truly an incredible game and one that shocks and thrills at every turn! If we were to see a release for Google Stadia Resident Evil 2—which seems possible, considering that the game is already available on numerous platforms—it would make for an excellent addition to the Google Stadia platform!

Google Stadia Half Life 3

When it comes to thinking of games that would be awesome to see on Google Stadia, we usually think of the titles that are big at the minute—but what about a release of Google

Stadia Half Life 3?

Half Life is a first person shooter that focuses heavily on the theme of an alien invasion, following a catastrophic experiment failure. The player is tasked with guiding the main character, Gordon Freeman, to escape from the facility and then to fight for survival in the war between the Marines and the invading aliens that he finds himself in the middle of. Potentially, we could see some similar themes if Valve considered making a Google Stadia Half Life 3 release.

First released in 1998, and with a sequel in 2004, the Half Life franchise has achieved huge critical acclaim and has always been renowned for the highly advanced and revolutionary graphics and animation that it has offered its players. But it’s been 15 years since the second instalment of the series now; while the developer of Half Life is currently rather busy, it could be that the release of Google Stadia might trigger them to consider their roots and release a version of Google Stadia Half Life 3. After all, Valve is the team behind the Steam software; they’re in a good position to be supporting Google Stadia and cloud gaming services, although it could equally be argued that they might not want to offer games for their potential rivals.

Google Stadia Fallout 5

Fallout is one of those franchises that almost all serious gamers will have at least heard of,

and of these, many will have an opinion of the Fallout franchise. Regardless of your opinion of the franchise, it really does have to be said that Bethesda’s recent releases of Fallout, for all of their criticisms, are games that have the potential to be great!

The Fallout franchise and its games are set in a post war America, where nuclear war lead to the mass annihilation of much of the United States. The land is heavily irradiated and countless monsters roam the Wastes—and it is in this horrific environment that the player character must find a way to survive.

Fallout’s first release was way back in 1997, and since then, it has had a large number of titles released as part of the series. While the most recent Fallout title, Fallout 76, was widely regarded as being hugely flawed, it did pave the way for online Fallout games—and it might not be such a stretch to imagine that a Google Stadia Fallout 5 release could be possible.

After all, Fallout 4 was such a success that it sold over $750 million worth of content in the first day of its release. If we ignore the failures of Fallout 76, a Google Stadia Fallout 5 game could be possible.

Google Stadia Far Cry 6

Developed by Ubisoft—who have already announced their support for the Google Stadia

platform—the Far Cry series could be a highly beneficial addition to the Google Stadia games database, After its initial release back in 2004, Far Cry has since seen an additional 12 titles released. It isn’t so hard to imagine that a Google Stadia Far Cry 6 game could be on the cards.

The Far Cry franchise is a collection of first person shooters wherein modern “values and laws of today are nonfunctional”. The games vary considerably and don’t follow any particular theme other than that of chaos, and as such, a Google Stadia Far Cry 6 release would be an exciting and unpredictable occurrence!

Google Stadia Mass Effect 4

In the past, new Mass Effect games have been released every two or three years—and, with Google Stadia being made available later this year, it has been around two years since the

google stadia mass effect 4

release of the last instalment in the series: Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect is a first person shooter game that is featured largely in outer space, with the first three titles in the trilogy being set in a futuristic Milky Way and Andromeda exploring the further galaxy of the same name. The games revolve heavily on completing space exploration quests, making for thrilling and exciting gameplay!

Mass Effect has been on the receiving end of vast amounts of critical acclaim and awards and as such, we would be thrilled if Google Stadia Mass Effect 4 was to be a thing!

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