Borderlands 3 Release Planned For Google Stadia

In an interview today with the British newspaper, the Sun, the boss of Borderlands 3, Chris Brock, seemed to suggest heavily that the game will be playable on the Google Stadia gaming platform.

Brock initially commented that he had been skeptical of cloud gaming previously, but the fact that Google is now leading the way with Google Stadia is reassuring. As he put it, the opportunity that Google Stadia presents is “very exciting” considering it has “Google’s muscle behind it.” Moreover, he then went on to elaborate his opinions further by saying:

”I’m really excited that someone will be able to play Borderlands 3 on a phone screen, in a coffee shop.”

Potentially this could just be a slip of the tongue or a mistake. However, since Brock made no mention of ‘a game like Borderlands 3’ but instead quoted his game directly, it seems likely to us that a Borderlands 3 release will be available at the Google Stadia launch later on this year.

What do you think? Is a Borderlands 3 release definitely coming to Stadia, or did Chris Brock just make an unfortunate statement? Either way, it’s great to hear that game developers are warming up to the idea, giving the impression that an expansive game library is very much a possibility for Google Stadia.

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