British Telecom ISP Partners with Google Stadia 🎉🚀

Welcome back to ShareSTADIA! Over the weekend, news was announced that British Telecom, the largest ISP in the United Kingdom, has partnered with Google Stadia to offer a Stadia Premiere Edition and Stadia Pro membership for their broadband customers!

British Telecom customers who sign up for either their Superfast Broadband 2, Ultrafast Fibre 100, or Ultrafast Fibre 250 Internet packages will be eligible for a free Google Stadia Premiere Edition, and Stadia Pro plan! The Stadia Premiere edition retails for £119 ($129 USD) from the Stadia store, and Stadia Pro is normally £8.99 ($9.99 USD) per month. With the Premiere Edition, you receive a Clearly White controller and a Chromecast Ultra.

British Telecom ISP Partners with Google Stadia 🎉🚀 1This is an amazing deal for BT customers, and another step in the right direction for Stadia. More and more partnerships are being made, alongside their most recent update that 4K support is coming to Chrome, 120 games will be coming in 2020, and 10 of those will be Stadia exclusives!

What’s your favorite feature of Stadia so far? Are you currently a customer of British Telecom? Have you contacted them about this offer, or have you received yours already? Leave your comments below!

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