Choose Your Google Stadia Username!

One of the features that Google have been stressing for those players who purchase the early access version of the software, known as the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, is that of the ability to get the chance to have the first pick of usernames. Indeed, the Google Stadia team seemed to be quite proud to be able to point out to Stadia fans that ordering the Founder’s Edition will give players the chance to have the bragging rights associated with having the biggest, baddest names on the entire platform.

Why Is An Impressive Username Important?

While having an impressive Google Stadia username isn’t important, it is still good to consider the fact that quality usernames are somewhat prized by the gaming community. Having a great username is somewhat key to becoming one of the most well known players in a game, and the bragging rights associated with a good name are incredibly valuable to many gamers as a result.

When Can I Pick My Google Stadia Username?

Keen to get on with grabbing that perfect Google Stadia username? Luckily, you won’t need to wait for long; the opportunity to choose the perfect name won’t be available until just before you receive your full release of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition. However, when the Google Stadia Founder’s

Google Stadia Pre Order Founder's Edition
The Google Stadia Pre Order of the Founder’s Edition is available to order for a limited time only, and offers a number of exciting features for gamers looking to get a piece of the cloud gaming action! One perk of the Founder’s Edition is the ability to get a highly prized username.

Edition does arrive, you will be able to jump in and fight to put your name choices in as quickly as possible, for the chance to win the very best names online!


You will be given warning as to when you can pick out your perfect Google Stadia username by email, and the Google Stadia software will send you an automatic email message in order to inform you of the availability of the name choosing servers.

However, this does not guarantee that your name will still be available, and the pick of names will be offered to players in the order that they ordered their own copy of the Founder’s Edition—so, if you haven’t done so already, get your copy of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition today and save that perfect name for your gaming!

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