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Have you started or manage your own Google Stadia community, website, YouTube channel, podcast or other source for Stadia news?

Feature your Stadia project on ShareSTADIA!

We believe in growing the Google Stadia community as a whole, and there’s no better way than to support our fellow Stadia startups! ShareSTADIA is growing a list of fellow Stadia resources and featuring them here!

Please submit your information and we’ll be creating a page custom tailored you!

What Stadia Community Information Do We Need?

While we initially develop our list of Stadia communities and resources, we’re looking for the following information:

  • Stadia Community / Project Name
  • Featured image for your community! Please conform to our standard image size of 1360x765px for optimal viewing greatness!
  • Description of your Stadia project, community, channel, etc. Please limit to 500 characters 🙂
  • Any additional relevant links, images, videos or information to your community
  • Twitter handle for featured Twitter feed on your ShareSTADIA feed
  • Contact information

We probably missed some stuff, so feel free to suggest! When ready, submit your information to We’ll have a custom submission form developed shortly, and capabilities for community managers to edit their own pages!

Thank you and we look forward to featuring you on ShareSTADIA!

Current Stadia communities featured on ShareSTADIA

Check out some of our other Stadia friends and communities:

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