The Debate is Over: Why it’s Google Stadia For The Win!

Mention Google Stadia on any forum or gaming community and you’ll almost certainly be met with a huge response from both sides of the Stadia debate about why Stadia will fail or, alternatively, why Stadia will exceed everyone’s expectations. Indeed, it seems that the gaming community as a whole simply cannot make up its mind on the topic.

This debate begs the question: will Stadia work and be the revolutionary new cloud gaming platform that will entirely change the way in which we play games—or will Stadia fail and be one of the many projects sidelined, forgotten about, and eventually canceled by Google?

As a Google Stadia community, we are arguably a little biased—but we have been asked the question of, “will Stadia work” countless times now, and so it is now time for the debate to be settled once and for all.

Will Stadia Work: Why The Debate?

Google is one of the biggest and most powerful companies that the world has ever seen, and so it is not so surprising that they made the decision to try their luck in the gaming market as well. However, the response to Stadia has admittedly been incredibly mixed, with the gaming community seemingly being of two minds: those who think Stadia will be the next big thing in terms of gaming, and those who think that Stadia will be little more than a let down.

Indeed, there seems to be little middle ground between these two viewpoints; people are choosing one side or the other, and don’t seem to have the time or the patience to hear the other side’s argument. This, of course, has made the topic of Google Stadia a real trigger for debates.

Will Stadia Fail: Why Some Gamers Think Stadia Will Fail

Google Stadia is, at its most basic, a cloud gaming and streaming platform—a relatively unexplored possibility for gaming. In the past, very few companies have tried to create their own cloud gaming platforms, and the few that have been seen previously have received a vast amount of criticism for a number of different reasons.

Why Stadia Will Fail: Incorrect Assumptions About Cloud Gaming Due To Previous Failures And Mistakes

One argument for why Stadia will fail relates to the poor reception of the PS Now platform.

The Playstation Now is arguably the most well known cloud gaming platform to date. Offering gamers with a membership for $19.99 per month, the platform had the potential to be great—but was not met with the positivity that it could have been.

Unlike Google Stadia, the games on the PS Now platform are free to play—provided you pay the monthly fee, that is. A lot of people have rightfully argued that this free to pay nature makes gaming on the PS Now incredibly worthwhile, but others have annihilated this argument by slating the software for being incredibly notorious for playing games in poor quality.

Many people have reported concerns about the frequent and offputting lag that is seen for the games on the Playstation Now platform, and others have even criticised the selection of games themselves; while the games on the PS Now are free to play, many people find themselves underwhelmed by the selection that is offered.

Despite a number of titles being added to the PS Now library on a monthly basis, people complain that “none of the games are recent enough” and that the choice was, therefore, poor for the price of the subscription. A lot of the games offered are from consoles that are now out of date, and while this isn’t to say that the games themselves are bad—not by any stretch—they simply aren’t quite as good as modern gamers would want.

Especially in the early days of the PS Now platform, a lot of the games that were offered were regarded as being little more than ‘clearance bin titles’ that were offered on the platform as little more than a means of stocking the library to make the offering look more generous than it might have actually been.

All in all, this has left a lot of gamers skeptical about the promise of the Google Stadia platform. The PS Now had a very poor reception for its poor choice of games and the quality of the gaming experience for said games—will Stadia fail in a similar way?

Will Stadia Fail: Lack Of Games

Another argument that people make for why Stadia will fail, similarly to the PS Now, is that the current selection of games is minimal at best. Indeed, there is a limited number of titles that we know about right now, and this has led to many people believing that the offering on the Google Stadia store will be far more modest than Google have claimed.

Will Stadia Fail: Too Expensive

When people try to express their opinions on why Stadia will work, one commonly stated concern is the cost of using Google Stadia. We now know that the Stadia Pro subscription will cost $9.99 a month, and this does not include the price of buying the games from the Stadia Store! As such, many people believe that they will not be able to justify the expense of playing games on Google Stadia.

Will Stadia Work: Why Current Concerns Are Unfounded

When people try to explain their opinions on why Stadia will fail, there are a number of commonly expressed concerns. Thankfully, these concerns are entirely unfounded, based on our current knowledge of the Google Stadia platform—and so, we will now explain to you why concerns about “will Stadia work” are actually baseless and not worth worrying about.

Many of the points raised by members of the gaming community to explain why Stadia will fail are baseless and unfounded. But will Stadia work, after all, or will Stadia fail all the same?

Will Stadia Work When The Price Is So High?

One major concern for many people is that of the price of the Google Stadia platform. Stadia haters claim that gamers will have to buy new copies of their favorite games in order to play them on Google Stadia, as well as having to pay for memberships and a Google Stadia controller! Additionally, if they want to play games on their Smart TV, they will also need a Chromecast Ultra device. All of these products might make the Stadia platform seem incredibly expensive—but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

It is important to remember that, while Stadia isn’t a console itself, it should be used as a replacement to traditional console gaming. When the cost of buying a console and the games for said console is considered, Google Stadia suddenly actually looks incredibly affordable—especially when a subscription is totally optional, and games can still be streamed on a free Stadia membership. Alternatively, for people who want the full Stadia Pro membership, the offering of a free monthly game should more than cover the cost—meaning that the price of the platform really shouldn’t be an excuse as to why Stadia will fail.

Will Stadia Work When Previous Platforms Didn’t?

Google Stadia is entirely different to older examples of cloud gaming platforms, and so should not be judged in advance based on previous poor experiences.

At present, we have only had the opportunity to test out the Stadia platform to a limited degree, and this means that we do not know how latency will affect users’ gaming experiences when the platform is actually live. However, pretty much every gamer who has tried out games on Google Stadia has reported that latency was non-existent, and this should hopefully mean that the same level of gaming can be expected when the platform is live as well.

The Debate is Over: Why it's Google Stadia For The Win! 2
Some people have complained that the current offering of games seems limited, but this list is growing on a weekly basis and is sure to continue doing so long after the release of the Stadia Founder’s Edition.

After all, Google have arguably some of the largest—if not the largest—data centers in the world for Stadia, and these should be more than capable of supporting millions of gamers streaming their favorite games. So, if you find yourself asking, will Stadia work, the answer is likely to be yes!

Will Stadia Work With So Few Games?

If Stadia was to launch tomorrow with only its currently announced games list, then it would seem fairly say to say that Stadia will fail. However, this will (almost certainly) not be the case; Google has some of the best names in the gaming industry on their team, and this means that they will understand what gamers want.

And, at the end of the day, the one thing that gamers want more than anything else is high quality titles.

At present, we’ve already been told about a number of exciting titles that will be available on Google Stadia, and more are being announced on a weekly basis—in fact, we had a whole dump of titles announced at the most recent Stadia Connect event, and we should be able to expect loads more in the coming weeks.

As such, based on the current titles with which we have been provided—and the titles that we can, therefore, expect to see in the coming weeks and months—it seems likely that Stadia will work.

Google seem to have learned from the PS Now’s criticisms, and are offering games both new (and old) for Stadia. This should give gamers plenty of choice for their Google Stadia gaming!

Why Stadia Will Work: A Final Look At Google Stadia

Google Stadia is an entirely different gaming platform to its predecessors in the cloud gaming world, and what we have seen so far seems to suggest that all of Google’s claims about its power could very well be true. This means that Stadia’s success really ought to not be questioned; the platform will offer gamers a large number of exciting opportunities and could genuinely stand to revolutionize the ways in which we play games.

What are your concerns for the Google Stadia platform? Do you worry about the quality of game streaming on the Stadia platform and the potential for latency? What is your opinion on the price of the Stadia equipment, games, and subscriptions? And what about the current games list—are you as excited about the offerings on the Stadia platform as we are, or what games are you most hoping to see announced for Stadia?

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