Does Stadia Spell Doom for The New PS5 and Xbox Two?

Stadia is a game streaming platform which will allow people to play incredibly high quality games over a standard internet connection and without lots of particularly expensive and hardcore hardware, all on Google Chrome. Or so Google claims.

Whether or not it can really be done is the big question, but if it can work, there is the potential that Stadia could spell destruction for the sales of the new Play Station 5 and Xbox Two.

We do not know when the new PS5 and Xbox will be released, with rumours ranging from 2019 to 2021. Regardless, their releases will almost certainly coincide with the release of Stadia, meaning that they will (most likely) all be competing with each other for a share of the market.

Considering the late announcement of Stadia, Sony and Microsoft will be unlikely to have enough time to make significant changes to their products to directly compete with Google and the features it is offering. In the end, only time will tell whether brand loyalty will win out or if Stadia’s impressive claims will pull gamers over to Google gaming.

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