Huge News: Exclusive Google Stadia Games Confirmed!

Google has long made it known that exclusive Google Stadia titles would be available on the platform for gamers. However, we did not know very much about the nature of these exclusive Google Stadia games until now. Thankfully, with the release of Google Stadia early access now coming up so quickly, Google seems to have taken the chance to further promote Stadia in one final big push to sell every single copy of Google Stadia early access by announcing officially that there will be numerous Google Stadia game studios!

Why Announce Exclusive Google Stadia Games Now?

It is now little over three weeks until the first Google Stadia Founder’s Edition holders get the chance to try their luck on the platform. It’s come around quick since the original announcement of Stadia back in March, hasn’t it?! In that time, though, we haven’t been given much to go on regarding the previously hinted at exclusive Google Stadia games.

But why is this? Why would Google choose to keep such a vital and exciting piece of information quiet, when they could have instead being promoting Stadia further months ago by announcing the opening of these Google Stadia game studios?

The answer to this question is quite a simple one to answer: this move has likely been a part of Google’s marketing strategy for Google Stadia for a long time. The world has gone mad over the potential that Google Stadia can offer for gamers (after an admittedly hesitant start, at least).

Despite not making the existence of exclusive studios officially known, the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has still sold out worldwide! Now, only the Premiere Edition—the second tier offering for players who didn’t get around to ordering their copy of the Founder’s Edition—is available, and Google is likely now wanting to push to get every copy of the Premier Edition sold out worldwide as well!

By holding back this crucial bit of information about the game studios and games that will be available on Google Stadia, the team at Google have been able to give themselves one final big reveal of information that could help to sell out these final few copies of the Premiere Edition. From a marketing perspective, this is genius; people who haven’t yet got their copy of the Founder’s Edition and who are on the fence about getting the Premiere Edition could easily now by swayed by the possibility of exclusive Google Stadia games!

Why Stadia Needs Exclusive Google Stadia Games

Offering exclusive Google Stadia games is a great way for Google to tempt gamers to play on Stadia, instead of gaming from some of Google’s competitor consoles. This is a step that Xbox also took, back in the day; exclusive titles are an almost essential part of getting people involved with a gaming platform or console nowadays.

Microsoft noticed the same trend with their Xbox console. After this realisation, they went about buying all of the game development studios that they possibly could so as to create new games that would only be available on the Xbox—meaning that anyone wanting to play the game would only be able to do so on Microsoft’s console, and not on any competitor consoles.

In regards to Google Stadia, being able to offer its own exclusive games is an essential step for Google to have taken in order to attract gamers to the platform. The nature of Stadia is such that gamers can play all of their favorite games on the platform—but this also means that a large amount of the Stadia store could be available on other consoles, and some gamers might not want to stream games if they already own a copy of a game for a console. As such, offering Stadia-only games could help to sway the opinions of these people (opening up Google Stadia to a far wider audience of gamers).

How Many Google Stadia Game Studios Will Google Have?

Huge News: Exclusive Google Stadia Games Confirmed! 2
Ubisoft is one of the game devs who have partnered with Google Stadia in order to provide high quality gaming experiences. Raymond has also announced that Stadia will be partnering with numerous indie and small scale game devs, as well as creating their own Google Stadia game studios for the creation of exclusive Stadia gaming content.

When Google Stadia was first announced at the GDC, Google hinted at the fact that they would be dabbling in creating some of their own exclusive games—however, the reality seems to be that Google will instead be opening a number of their very own game studios! These Google Stadia game studios will likely be specializing in creating games just for Stadia, meaning that any big hits will only be available on the Stadia store.

Google Stadia Game Studios: Partnerships

We have known that Google were planning a number of partnerships with other game studios for a while now. Arguably the most well known of these partnerships is that of the relationship between Stadia and Ubisoft. In addition to this, Google also went on to hire a veteran of the gaming industry from EA—Jade Raymond—to manage the first and third party studio partnerships.

In a recent interview, Raymond pointed out that Stadia is set up with a particular specialty for helping to support smaller game studios, as well as larger ones. As she explained, part of Stadia’s goal is “building up the publishing org to ship exclusive content created by indie devs and other external partners.”

Plans for Google Stadia Game Studios

The gaming industry previously expected Google’s plans for developing their own exclusive games to be somewhat modest in nature. However, Jade Raymond has now revealed that this is not necessarily the case; instead, it seems to be that Google actually have far more ambitious plans for their own game studios.

In Raymond’s opinion, “It’s important for first-party games… to be games that wouldn’t be possible on any other platform… We have a plan that includes building out a few different first-party studios.” This seems to suggest that the plans for Google Stadia game studios will go far greater than anyone may have anticipated previously.

In addition to this, she also mentioned that an exclusive Google Stadia game is planned to be expected every year, at least; considering that big titles can sometimes take as long as 3 to 5 years to develop and publish, this indicates that Google are probably thinking of having at least three game studios under their belts. The games that are in the works will supposedly being offering features that other games on traditional consoles simply haven’t been able to offer, up until now; this further supports the idea that these exclusive titles will be of epic proportions!

When Will We See Exclusive Google Stadia Games?

If you’re looking forward to seeing some epic exclusive Google Stadia games, don’t get your hopes up too much for the time being; at the early access release of Stadia, it seems like the Stadia store will be primarily filled with titles from other, third party developers. However, considering the current lineup that we know about—not to mention the huge titles that have not yet been announced, but will surely be featured in the Stadia store—there is still plenty of reason to invest in your very own copy of the Stadia Premiere Edition.

Does This Mean we Won’t See Exclusive Google Stadia Games in November?

However, there is no definite of this lack of exclusive Google Stadia games and titles as of yet. Raymond suggested that this might be the case, but did not set this in stone. Indeed, she did mention that that there are “quite a few exclusive games in the works” and the number of exclusive Stadia games released should be increasing on an annual basis.

Considering Google’s reputation with throwing curveballs and surprises in regards to Stadia, there could still be every possibility of seeing exclusive Google Stadia games available to purchase and play from the Stadia store at the launch from November 19, this year!

But what do you think? Will we get the chance to play exclusive Google Stadia games at the early access release of Google Stadia, or will we have to wait a little longer to see these huge new games available on the Stadia store? Check out the original interview with Jade Raymond, or let us know your thoughts about this huge news in the comments section below!

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