First Look at the Google Stadia Controller

It isn’t going to be necessary to have the controller to use Stadia’s service, and Google have so far assured people that you can use any controller that you already own to use the service. However, the Stadia controller is designed to unlock the next level of gameplay features. It will also run over WiFi instead of bluetooth, the preferred choice of Xbox, which will give it a slight edge in latency.

One of the features of the Stadia controller which we already know about is the Google Assistant, an integrated service which offers game help on-demand and can trigger a livestream on Youtube at any point in time.

The controller’s design is not so unlike the design of the other big gaming companies—Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony—which isn’t such a surprise. Despite the impressive and awe-inspiring size of Google, when compared to the “Big Three” it really doesn’t have much of a look in. Hence, it makes sense that they would take heavy inspiration from an already proven model. Regardless of this fact, though, Google have tweaked it just enough to make it still unique; the controller is smooth and sleek, with softly rounded edges and no indentations or corners as in other controllers you may use. Most of the images that have been released show it in white, however a black controller was also found off-stage and a pastel green version was showed off briefly as well.

However, despite the fact that Google are proudly showing off their new controller, it hasn’t actually passed the FCC certification process and so there is the possibility that it may change as time goes on if any faults are detected. Check out this article to learn more about where to find a Google Stadia Controller for sale.

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