First Look: Google Stadia Player Interface!

Ever wondered what the Google Stadia player interface will look like? Up until now, we’ve had very little to go on—but today’s Gamescom event has changed that!

Google Stadia Player Interface At Gamescom 2019

While the recent Google Stadia Connect event revealed a number of exciting new game titles that will be available for purchase on the Google Stadia platform, the actual information reveal was admittedly somewhat disappointing; we didn’t get to learn about anything new or exciting about the Stadia platform and its functionalities. We certainly didn’t get the chance to learn anything new about the Google Stadia player interface—that’s for sure.

Thankfully, Stadia made its next public appearance at its very own Gamescom booth today. The event was hosted by Ellen Rose and Jane Douglas, and we were given access to an incredibly exciting new Stadia reveal: our first ever glimpse at the exclusive and unique Google Stadia player interface!

While we’ve had a lot of information about the games that will be available on Google Stadia and have even had some glimpses at exclusive Google Stadia gameplay, we have not actually been treated to any photos or information specifically about the Google Stadia user interface yet.

google stadia user interface
The Google Stadia user interface that players at the Gamescom event got to witness has been said to somewhat resemble a reversed version of the overall design of the Xbox One user interface.

However, that has all changed today, with the release of an exclusive—although not actually allowed—online post from the Gamescom event by S3basuchian on Reddit.


Google Stadia User Interface: Exclusive Photo

S3basuchian’s photo shows us a number of simple details about how the Google Stadia user interface will look.

Featuring a fairly clean cut and simplistic design, the Google Stadia player interface seems to have been designed with reference and inspiration being taken from the user interface that is seen on the Xbox One gaming platform. Other gamers have likened it to the PS interface and the Blizzard Launcher interface as well.

Thus far, gamers have made comments noting how the Stadia interface looks generally more interesting and well developed than the Nintendo online interface, with others also noting the similarities between Stadia and Xbox.

Design Of The Google Stadia UI

The simplistic design makes it look like the Google Stadia AI will be incredibly functional and visually appealing for use on every device. This screenshot of the Google Stadia UI shows it being demonstrated on an LG smart screen TV, going to prove that the design will look great on arguably the biggest screen in your house.

From what we can see from the photo of the Google Stadia UI thus far, the top leftmost corner of the player’s screen will feature a wifi symbol that will give the player an indication as to the speed and strength of their wifi connection. This will be a great feature, as it will help us all to ensure that we will be able to play our games in the highest possible quality and definition, without any lagging.

On the right hand side of the screen, we see a slightly more detailed list. At the top of the right hand box, we see our profile picture and our username, which is followed up by a four digit ID code—a feature that is seen in a number of other platforms.

It is interesting to note that the player username shown in this photo of the Google Stadia player interface is over the standard ten character limit, suggesting that we will be able to choose a username that will be longer than the normal offering. Those players who have chosen to play with the Founder’s Edition will supposedly not be given their own ID number; they will have the original version of the username that they choose.

Below the username and profile picture, we see three different tabs: connection, controller, and audio. Though there was no additional information offered on the photo about these three tabs, it seems likely that we will be able to edit the different stats and system preferences from these.

The final point of interest is the friends list which is located below the three tabs. The friends list will offer players the option to find friends, as well as seeing all of their friends who are online and connected to the Google Stadia platform.

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