Will there be a free Google Stadia Beta coming by Summer 2019?

With all the talk about Google Stadia’s release date, we’ve had one question in mind as well — will there be a free Google Stadia Beta? Google Stadia updates, news and rumors have been surfacing much more as we near closer to Spring and Summer of 2019. Will Google release a Stadia beta instead of a full launch as the days wind down? Read more to learn about a possible Google Stadia Beta and what we’re hoping for!

Is it possible that there could be a Google Stadia Beta?

Google Stadia Beta - Stadia Beta in Summer 2019?Yes, we know it’s far fetched considering Google already went from Project Stream to Google Stadia. Technically, that’s the biggest beta test they possibly could have done. However, Google is a firm believer in beta feedback and heavy testing prior to a full-scale public release. If there was a Google Stadia Beta nearing around Spring or Summer 2019, it would give them a chance to work out any instability, network or performance issues.

There’s no doubt that Google has already been through a rigorous Stadia alpha phase, although Google has been known to see the word “beta” as a sign of commitment to a final release. As Google plans to launch Stadia sometime this Summer, we’re pretty certain that they still have plenty of more rounds of testing to go to ensure the smoothest release date possible.

Is there a Google Stadia Beta?That would give users on a broader scale the ability to test their network connections to see how reliable Stadia is able to perform. A Google Stadia Beta release would actually be a great thing. If you didn’t attend GDC 2019, more than likely you haven’t even seen Google Stadia first-hand or had a chance to play on the cloud-based streaming platform yet.

We’re hoping that Google announces a public Google Stadia Beta release for us all to test the system out. We’re all very interested to see how well Google Stadia performs on our home networks, computers, labtops, tablets and other devices. The wait has been long enough. 😀

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Interested in helping ShareSTADIA grow as we’re technically in a “Stadia-beta” as well? We’re always hard at work to continually develop and add new features to our website. We’ve done a ton of work so far and we’re still waiting for a Google Stadia Beta — or at least it’s initial release!

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We’ll keep you updated as Stadia approaches Spring and Summer 2019

Be sure to constantly check back at ShareSTADIA.com for the latest Google Stadia updates, events, giveaways and more! As we get closer to Stadia’s release date (and hopefully a free Google Stadia Beta), we plan to start giving away plenty of cool prizes, controllers, memberships and other perks! Be sure to register today for your chance to win!

Also, head on over to our community and post your own network and hardware specs! We’re very interested in hearing what all our users plan to game on, and what sort of gaming setups they’re envisioning with the power of streaming cloud gaming!