Gaming Relationships That Will Elevate Google Stadia

Contribution Article by: James Moore Host of Moore Than a Podcast

We still have a few months until Google makes their introduction into the realm of gaming. From the initial announcement to the incremental information updates during their own presentations and convention presence, the Google Stadia looks like it’s lining up to make a big splash when it launches in November. There are a lot of developers and game publishers who have signed on to partner up with Google in order to give their franchises another platform to be showcases From the awesome announcements from games like Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, Football Manager 2020 and even NBA 2k20, the stadia doesn’t seem to suffer from a lack of games down the pipeline. There is still the question on if all of the potential gamers needs are being met. Some gamers have a more abstract choice of reasoning and may sit quietly on the fence until something more down their line of interest is announced. I’m going to lay out the most important relationships that Google is going to need to make with the Stadia, and exactly what properties they should focus on bringing over.

Valve Corporation

Valve Corporation Logo - ShareSTADIAValve is one of the premier developers of PC titles. They have spent the past few decades developing some of the best games in all of gaming history. Google has deep enough pockets to make certain requests of Valve which could prove fruitful, it would be nice to see Valve back developing games again like the old days.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Half-Life HD Collection (securing an exclusive place to play episode 3 if Google can convince them to push through and develop the game).
  • Portal 3
  • Left 4 Dead 3

Activision / Blizzard

Activision Logo - ShareSTADIAWhen I think of this conversation, I only really would hope that they could speak about a few titles from each subsided brand. Another primarily PC developer, the upside is that the games would all be easily transitioned to the Google database and gamers would be more than excited to play these games at the highest detail and qualities possible.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Diablo 4
  • Warcraft III: Remaster
  • Overwatch


Sega Logo - ShareSTADIAIn all honesty, if I was the one responsible for reaching out to game developers and publishers, Sega would be my absolute first contact. Their massive library of games past and present give so many maneuverable options on what acquisitions would be the most strategic to have. Google could even pay to have Sega ramp development for long dormant franchises that may just need a little financial love.

Games that should be pursued:

  • New Jet Set Radio
  • New Crazy Taxi
  • Phantasy Star Online 3 (implemented with full voice chat and cross play with Japan. This would be a GREAT way to get Stadia into the Japanese market)
  • New Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Sega Rally


Capcom Logo - ShareSTADIAIn recent years capcom has been making a real effort in transitioning their console offerings over to PC. Capcom is another game company that has a wealth of titles and franchises that Google could grab for exclusivity and not step on the toes of the console offerings.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Rival Schools (if they could make this exclusive to Stadia I could see this franchise return giving Stadia a huge push in the fighting genre. If they focus on implementing seamless online ranking/competitive play this could be a hit)
  • Monster Hunter World (Crossplay would help this game ramp up a larger audience)
  • New Dragon’s Dogma (another game that can be acquired as an exclusive that people would fork over their money to play. This is also another title that would almost guarantee Japanese engagement in an eventual launch in that area)

Square Enix

Square Enix Logo - ShareSTADIASquare Enix is one of my favorite developers of all time. I truly regard them as the masters of the current RPG formula. This would be a great conversation on Google’s part, because they can secure so many different Role Playing games that would mean a lot to fans who want to either continue or relive particular titles.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Parasite Eve (If they do either an HD collection or a true sequel, this could be an exclusive horror/action title that they can secure in order to give people need to be frightened, while not necessarily needing to lean on titles like Silent Hill or Resident Evil)
  • Dragon Quest XI (a worthy port that should be on every system!)
  • Return of Legacy of Kain series
  • Return of Bushido Blade (a game that I see being a very fun game that would be highly competitive. The quick/fatal strike mechanics can make matches go by fast while also keeping people coming back for many tries after)

Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo Logo - ShareSTADIAThis would probably be the 2nd company I would reach out to behind Sega. Not that they have an overwhelming amount of titles to offer, but there are certain titles that I know without a shadow of a doubt I would turn out to play my Stadia if these games were coming or available.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Orochi Warriors (These mushu, one vs many games are a heck of a lot of fun. The appeal to me would be broadcasting the gameplay and seeing how others handle their strategies towards opposition opposed to my own.)
  • Ninja Gaiden (This needs to be EXCLUSIVE to Stadia. This would sell so many subscriptions and controllers!)

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Logo - ShareSTADIAThey are already slated as a partner with Google, but I think that the conversation has to change in light of some of their past offerings and how they can be acquired to assist the Stadia moving forward. Like Koei Tecmo, there aren’t many franchises to choose from, but the ones there are have top notch quality written all over them.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Dark Souls Collection (packing these games and having them at a discounted price would guarantee itself a place in most gamers libraries)
  • Ridge Racer
  • Xenosaga Series Return

Spike Chunsoft

Spike Chunsoft Logo - ShareSTADIASometimes when I game, I really just want to relax. Some of the best games to play when I am in this mode of thinking are visual adventure novels. Games that play out their stories with heavy dialogue (sometimes voiced) are really cool to play. With their multiple scenarios and endings, this would be cool for the Stadia as an abstract offering that can appeal to gamers that aren’t in line with the typical.

Games that should be pursued:

  • Danganronpa Series (either as a collection or a timed release over months. Question should be if they can get the studio to develop Danganronpa 4.)
  • Zero Escape Series (developed by Chime but published by Spike, this series like Danganronpa is a visual novel game that would be an awesome offering for mature gamers looking for a more relaxing experience.)

Koei Tecmo:
Bandai Namco:
Spike Chunsoft:

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