Get Your Free Stadia Pro Copy Now!

Ever wanted to be able to play Google Stadia for free? Well, now you can with the new, limited edition Free Stadia Pro subscription offering!

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, and here at ShareStadia, we cannot stress highly enough the importance of staying at home. However, we also realise that this can be really boring. And, while people are coming up with innovative and  creative ways of occupying themselves and their family, the fact remains that there isn’t all that much we can do while cooped up inside our homes! But there is one thing that we can do—play games.

Google seem to have realised this, too. As such, they are taking the lead and trying to make things a little easier for all of their Stadia Fans by offering Free Stadia Pro subscription for two months!

Yes, you read that right. Free Stadia Pro. No catches, no funny contracts—for two months, we can all enjoy the perks of the Stadia Pro plan for free without having to cough up any of our own money.

The Perks of Stadia Pro

Stadia Pro is the primary subscription package for Google Stadia and, at present, the only way that you can actually get access to the Stadia platform. It was previously offered up as part of two early release packages: the Founder’s Edition and the Premiere Edition. These packages both came with different perks, with the Founder’s Edition being released first and the Premiere Edition coming as a “consolidation” package for those who missed out on getting their own copy of the Founder’s Edition. One of the perks that was shared by both packages was a Stadia Pro subscription, valued at $9.99 a month.

Stadia Pro offers a huge number of perks for subscribers. As well as being the only way to get onto the platform at present, it also offers the following perks:

  • Gaming in up to ultra high 4k resolution
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Free games every month for subscribers
  • Discounts on certain games when making a purchase

Is this Stadia Pro or Stadia Base?

Stadia Base is the free Google Stadia subscription package that was announced earlier on this year. Some people have naturally made the jump to assume, then, that this free subscription is just the release of Stadia Base; this is not the case. Indeed, Google are giving out free copies of their Stadia Pro package—no strings attached.

How to Claim my Free Stadia Pro Subscription?

Claiming your free Stadia Pro subscription couldn’t be easier! Simply head to to sign up with an account. From there, all you need to do is launch Google Stadia on your choice of device, and you’ll be ready to go! The subscription is free for two months and can be cancelled at any time, making this a great way for people to get involved with Stadia! Furthermore, existing subscribers will supposedly have their next two months paid for free by the company automatically; we’ll have to wait to see how this plays out.

Enjoy your Free Stadia Pro Copy!

Google has been exceptionally generous to give out free Stadia Pro subscriptions for all of its users. All of the games that you buy while a free subscriber will still be available to play after the subscription has been cancelled.

This could be a great way to keep yourself from the endless boredom that comes with lockdowns. As for existing users, it has been said by Google that their subscriptions will be paid for during these two months; how this will play out, we will see. The offer is only available until April 10th, so get a move on and get your free Stadia Pro copy today! Why miss out on this incredibly generous offer from Google? After all, even for people who have never used Stadia before—what is there to lose?

Remember, stay safe, stay at home, and take the chance to play all of your favorite Google Stadia games until the lockdowns pass. We’re all in this together—and there are worse things to be doing than playing games to be responsible, right?

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