Google Adds Experimental Stadia Controls to Android Phones

One of the biggest benefits of the Google Stadia platform for gamers is the ability to play your favorite Stadia games on the go, from your mobile! However, the list of devices that officially support Google Stadia is, at present, a little bit lacking; this is set to change with new updates from Google that are designed to make sure that Stadia gamers can enjoy their top games on the devices that they love! As part of these changes, Android changes will see a huge number of new Stadia features!

What New Features Will we See?

There are a few different features that will be implemented for Google Stadia with these new changes, and the biggest and most notable change will be the rollout of increased support for Google Stadia on new devices. The currently experimental features—which people can test out for themselves on their own devices—are still in development, according to Google, and so are not expected to be fully functional for a little while year. However, the optimized experience on select devices will help to increase the number of people who can enjoy the benefits that Google Stadia gaming can offer!

In addition to this, the new changes will also feature mobile touch controls, which will allow mobile Google Stadia gamers to play their favorite games without having to use a Stadia controller at the same time. The mobile touch controls are similar in nature to normal mobile controls, except that they are designed to include all of the controls you would expect on a normal controller—allowing for immersive and high quality gameplay without having to worry about the touch controls limiting the gaming possibilities. This new mobile gamepad is still very much in development and the feature still needs quite extensive refinement, but the option to try the new feature is now available for Stadia gamers to have a go with.

Finally, Google is also looking at implementing a unique per-device resolution system, which will allow gamers to get the most out of their gaming experiences. This new system will allow gamers to choose a screen resolution based on the capabilities of the device that they are playing on, for best performance.

Will Stadia Now Work on All Mobile Devices?

Unfortunately, though the new features are designed to help give Stadia gamers more flexibility when playing Stadia games on mobile devices, it is worth noting that Google Stadia will not work on every phone in the same way, and still may not be suitable for playing Google Stadia games. Currently, the plans are to optimize Stadia gameplay for Google, Samsung, Asus and Razer mobile devices; however, in the coming months and years, more and more mobile devices are intended to be given support.

Have Your Say!

If you want to get involved with the new Google Stadia features, navigate to the Google Stadia app and find the relevant “Experiments” tab under settings. The experiments tab features a number of different programs that players can opt into to see how the new features fare for their gameplay, in order to provide Google with feedback that will directly help to shape the future of the Google Stadia platform!

What are your thoughts on the new changes? Are you excited to see new devices capable of running Stadia games? Do you like the idea of a mobile touch pad, or will you be sticking with mobile gaming using a Google Stadia controller? Will you be getting involved with the experimental versions of these new features? Let us know in the comments below—and remember! Stay safe!

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