Google Stadia #1 for Family & Holiday Party Video Games

Everyone loves the holiday season, and with Winter—and the holidays that it brings with it so close now—there is plenty of reason to be excited! Not least of these is the chance to play Google Stadia games with all of the family!

So, make your preparations now for the holiday season and let yourself drift away to a time when things were simpler; a time of playing epic titles such as 007 and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 console around the Christmas tree. Because Google Stadia is coming just in time for the upcoming holiday season, and the selection of features and games that it can offer are sure to make the festivities more memorable and enjoyable than ever before!

Google Stadia Thanksgiving

Google Stadia Games Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Google Stadia Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is coming to our devices and screens in November, but we can’t help but hope for a version of Assassin’s Creed 3 to make Thanksgiving 2019 all the more special and memorable.

The first of the Winter festivities is Thanksgiving, and Google Stadia Thanksgiving will be the real hit! With so many Google Stadia games to get you in the mood for all of the celebrations and events, there really is no reason not to invest in your own copy of Google Stadia. Some of the best Google Stadia Thanksgiving games include:

  • Destiny 2
  • Tomb Raider
  • Gylt
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • and more!!

Google Stadia School Winter Break

Winter break is coming, and for the kids, there is often no better way to celebrate the holidays than by playing their favorite games! As part of this, Google Stadia school and winter break gaming could be a great chance for families to affirm their relationships and having a fun and memorable time in the run up to Christmas.

Google Stadia will offer a huge selection of different games, which will help to keep excitable little ones occupied in the days and weeks prior to Christmas. In addition, we already know that Google Stadia school/winter break gaming will be made safer thanks to Stadia.

Google Stadia Christmas

Christmas is the time for unity and family, and in our modern world, there is no better way to celebrate such relationships than with a fun family game! Generally speaking, the most popular modern Christmas games are those which revolve around competition—which is what would make games such as Google Stadia Destiny 2 a huge success! (Because, let’s be honest—who wouldn’t love a good round of Google Stadia Christmas D2 with their family?)

In Summary

Google Stadia is set to be the #1 gaming platform for winter holidays 2019, for a number of different reasons. It can be expected that there will potentially be a great selection of different games on the Stadia Store, many which will be great for celebrating the holidays!

As well as some more holiday-specific titles, there will likely also be some of the most popular family gaming titles available as well at the time of Stadia’s release—which will surely serve to make family gaming over the holidays all the more exciting!

Don’t make the mistake of not getting involved in the action; join us for all of the hottest Google Stadia Christmas, Google Stadia Thanksgiving, and Google Stadia School Winter Break!

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