Google Stadia Achievements Now Live!

If there is one thing that we have been looking forward to seeing since Stadia came out, it was Google Stadia achievements—and, luckily, the achievements system is now in working order too! Indeed, game developers now have the freedom to create achievements for their own games—and gamers will be awarded with their achievement notifications in game, as soon as they’ve earned an achievement!

ShareSTADIA Achievements on Google StadiaAt the time of the launch of Stadia, it was unfortunately the case that the Stadia UI was not set up for running an achievements system. This meant that gamers were unfortunately unable to enjoy what is otherwise an integral part of gaming—but, today, we’ve finally seen that problem resolved!

Indeed, the Google team seem to have been pulling out all of the stops to make sure that the UI for the achievements system on Stadia could be got online as soon as possible. And, they’ve finally succeeded in doing so for online accounts and on Google Stadia Smart TVs—although it is important to note that Android and iOS devices are not yet able to receive achievements until the UI for their consoles has been updated.

ShareSTADIA Achievements on Google StadiaThe new achievements system can now be accessed from the main friends list, where the option to see achievements can be found underneath the settings. And, we have to give Google credit for their care and thought in planning the achievements UI; all of the different achievements are separated based on the game that they come from, making it easy for the achievements to be sorted through. These achievements can also be listed on an ordered or unlocked basis.

As well as the standard achievements, Stadia also offers the option for secret achievements to be made as well. These achievements are a little harder for gamers to achieve, as they do not come with the instructions and guidance that the standard achievements do!

Comment your thoughts below! What achievements do you have that are special to you? Thanks for visiting ShareSTADIA! Stadia is AWESOME!!! 🚀🎉🎉

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