Google Stadia Achievements: What We Know

Many gaming platforms and consoles offer their users with achievements for completing certain goals and meeting milestones. However, we have heard very little about Google Stadia Achievements—until now.

At the Stadia AMA event last week, the director for Google Stadia was asked about whether or not Google Stadia achievements would be a feature on the Stadia software. While not much information was given away as to the nature of these achievements, it is simultaneously reassuring and exciting to know that they will be coming.

Google Stadia Achievements
It seems likely that the Google Stadia achievements system might offer some new features, over the existing systems offered by Stadia’s main console-based competitors (the Playstation and the Xbox).

Google Stadia Achievements: What We Know

At present, we do not know very much about the briefly mentioned Google Stadia achievements system, however we do know that achievements will be present on the Google Stadia platform.

Unfortunately, it will be the case that these Google Stadia achievements won’t be made available immediately—so, presumably, the software will not be in place for the Google Stadia pre order—but it seems likely to us that the feature will be released along with the full release of the Google Stadia software, at some point in 2020.

The Google Stadia achievements systems are likely to be largely inspired by the achievement systems available on other gaming platforms and consoles, due to the Andrey Doronichev’s personal passion for gaming and achievements (“Oh yes, achievements… as a lifelong gamer and a pathological overachiever, I love achievements”).

Indeed, at the Stadia AMA on Reddit, Doronichev confirmed that the Google Stadia achievements will be similar to those systems found on other platforms. However, that claim does also trigger the question of, how will Stadia achievements differ from those found on other consoles?

After all, if Google’s previous ‘tweaks‘ to traditional gaming are anything to go by, it seems safe that we can expect a number of additional features and exciting possibilities for the Stadia achievements systems.

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