Google Stadia Apex Legends

Will we get the chance to see Google Stadia Apex Legends? Will a Google Stadia Apex Legends release be scheduled for the Google Stadia gaming platform?

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, Apex Legends is a fairly new game that has been delighting players with its high quality gameplay since February 4, 2019. But will we get the chance to play the game on the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform as one of many Google Stadia games?

What Is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a free to play, battle royale and first personal shooter game. The game was released as a shock in early February this year, with EA and Respawn Entertainment opting to not advertise or promote the release of the game at all in the run up to its first release; players simply assumed that the developer was working on a sequel to its major hit, Titanfall, instead of an entirely different game.

google stadia apex legends
Apex Legends is an online, multiplayer game that allows players to work along with one another as part of a three man team in order to win the title of the ‘last team standing’. The game offers a battle royale, first person shooter gaming experience.

One of the most exciting features of Apex Legends is that of its unique ability to merge features from a number of different titles into one epic game. In fact, Apex Legends actually offers players the opportunity to play with features that have been inspired by gameplay in a number of other games from the Respawn Entertainment database.

Google Stadia Apex Legends Gameplay

In the original game, 20 teams of three battle it out amongst each other on an abandoned island in order to be the ‘last team standing’.

The game itself is fairly simple in terms of plot, compared to many others, but what it loses in this regard it more than makes up for with its innovative multiplayer gameplay. One of the more intriguing features, admittedly, is the nonverbal nature of the gameplay; instead of typing or talking directly to one another, players are encouraged to make things a little more difficult by using the unique ‘pinging’ system that the game provides.

It is this multiplayer nature that could make a special release of Google Stadia Apex Legends so successful, if it was to be announced. Players could join teams and battle one another from the comfort of their home on their smart TV, or could otherwise join in the game while making the daily commute to work.

But will we actually get to see Google Stadia Apex Legends? Apex Legends is currently available for three platforms: Microsoft Windows, the PS4, and the Xbox One. It seems possible, as such, that Respawn Entertainment and EA might consider releasing the game for Google Stadia as well—and considering their first reveal, it might even be that they will wait until the day that they release it on Stadia to make the announcement.

But what do you think? Will we get to see a special release of Google Stadia Apex Legends?

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