Google Stadia Civilization

At present, there are thirteen different titles in the Civilization franchise. But will a Google Stadia Civilization release make that count fourteen? Let’s see what we already know.

The epic franchise that is Sid Meier’s Civilization has long been renowned for offering some of the most revolutionary gameplay that the world has ever seen. The first ever title in the franchise was released as far back as 1991 and would go on to largely pave the way for the future of exciting turn based games.

What Is Google Stadia Civilization?

Originally developed as a game for the PC and was produced by Sid Meier (hence the official name of Sid Meier’s Civilization). The game allows players the opportunity to build their very own civilizations and dynasties by “building an empire to stand the test of time”.

The game is turn based and starts as far back as 4000BC. From here, players are given the task of developing their own great empires by researching technologies and natural wonders and building expansive cities the likes of which are able to hold their ground against any enemy bombardment. All the while, the player must also work to ensure that the needs of their people—namely food and water—are met, while also gathering enough resources in order to allow for the expansion of the empire.

Civilization & The First Technology Tree

A major part of the Civilization games revolves around exploring and discovering new technologies. These technologies are worked on and ordered through the use of the never before seen technology tree; this basic model from the early 90’s would go on to be one of the most popular types of code today.

Will We Get To See Google Stadia Civilization?

The question of, will we get to see Google Stadia Civilization, is one which is not necessarily the easiest to answer. The game was developed by Sid Meier initially and has gone on to also be developed by Activision and Firaxis; while the former has pledged its allegiance to Stadia, the latter’s support has not yet been mentioned.

But will we actually get to see a special release of Google Stadia Civilization?

Will We See Google Stadia Civilization?

Over the years, the Civilization games have been featured on many different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, the Playstation, the Linux, and the Nintendo Switch. A number of spinoff games have also been developed and released specifically for mobile devices and the like, including the Xbox 360.

This willingness to release the game on numerous different platforms indicates that the developers of Civilization would likely be more than happy to create a version of Google Stadia Civilization. Considering that a copy of the game is also available for Stadia’s two main rivals, it really would make a great deal of sense—from an economic perspective—for Firaxis Games to release a Google Stadia version.

Are you excited to see Google Stadia Civilization as much as we are? Which Civilization game was your favorite, and which ones do you think will be made available on the Stadia store—maybe even Google Stadia Civilization VII?

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