Google Stadia Cross Platform Cloud Gaming

Google has confirmed cross-platform play for Stadia, which allows you to play with your friends regardless of whether you’re gaming on your PC, console, mobile device or tablet.

Whether or not games will allow play between Stadia versions and those on dedicated platforms, such as PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC is not yet known. However, games running on Stadia should work regardless of your hardware setup. That’s right — no more shelving out thousands just to be able to hop into the game!

Phil Harrison, Google’s Vice President and General Manager, a former Microsoft and Sony exec, also mentioned that Stadia will support cloud saves. State Share, as referenced by Google, means that you’ll be able to use multiple devices, wherever your location — to always get back at your point in the game.

Google plans to use Stadia to bring together all aspects of gaming. Whether you’re interested in playing solo, with friends, spectating or even a developer, everyone can find themselves a place in Stadia. Check out where to find a Google Stadia Controller for sale.

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