Google Stadia Crysis: The Crytek Crisis!

Google Stadia Crysis has not been publicly announced for the Google Stadia platform, however, it could be a potentially great addition. But will the developers of Crysis be releasing a special version of Google Stadia Crysis with the release of the Stadia cloud gaming platform?

google stadia crysis 4 game
Gamers have been long awaiting the release of the fourth instalment in Crytek’s Crysis series, but it seems that a trilogy may be the best offer we’ll get to play on Google Stadia.

What Is Crysis?

The Crysis series is a franchise of first person shooter games that were developed by the German game developer, Crytek, and published by EA for Microsoft Windows, the PS3, and the Xbox 360. There are three games in the Crysis series, although a fourth was said to be in the works as an April Fools prank by the gaming website, The Dark Side of Gaming. This fourth instalment—the aptly named Crysis 4—was hinted at by the game developer, but it was never made.

The Crysis games were developed using the specialist inhouse CryEngine (the game engine that Crytek used when they were actively making new games). Crytek were also the team behind the original Far Cry game, although the rights to the series were later purchased by Ubisoft a year after the original release of the first title in the series.

Many gamers were looking forward to seeing a fourth instalment in the series, but the less impressive reception that the second and third instalments were met with meant that future Crysis titles were cancelled.

Will We See Google Stadia Crysis Games?

The question of “will we see Google Stadia Crysis games” is arguably harder to answer than for other game titles. While the trilogy of Crysis games are still being sold to gamers nowadays, it is unclear as to whether a special version of Google Stadia Crysis would be made for the Stadia platform.

The developers of Crysis—Crytek—are no longer developing Crysis games. This raises the question of whether or not they will return to the series in order to create a version for the Google Stadia store. Hopefully, though, the Crytek team and EA will realize the potential of releasing a new version of the old Crytek games, specially for Google Stadia gamers.


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