Google Stadia E3 2019: Will They Or Won’t They?

With the highly anticipated E3 2019 conference now just a few days away—E3 is set to start on June 11th—excitement is building among the gaming community in regards to the exciting new tech and gaming opportunities that will be showcased. However, whether there will be a presentation for Google Stadia E3 2019 is currently a matter of great debate among all of us in the gaming community, and particularly in the Google Stadia community.

Will we see Google Stadia E3 2019?

When it comes to making a statement, Google seems to have it nailed. After the bombshell of a reveal at the GDC at the end of March, the gaming community has been eagerly discussing the potential of Google Stadia and cloud gaming in general. As time has passed, the early skepticism seems to have been largely replaced with a curiosity, fuelled in part by the tidbits of information that Google have oh-so-cleverly been releasing over the past two months.

Every action which Google has taken in relation to its approach for marketing Google Stadia has been a strategic success. For this reason, trying to predict how they will act is not as simple as studying the black and white; Google Stadia is, simply put, a topic which is unpredictably exciting.

Google Stadia E3 2019: Why We Will See A Google Stadia Presentation At This Year’s E3 Conference

When it comes to releasing information about new and exciting technologies, the E3 2019 conference is the place to do it! We already know that many of Google’s competitors will be showcasing their projects there, and for Google to miss the event entirely could mean that Google Stadia could be sidelined in favor of the newly announced updates and consoles. Moreover, we know that Google will be having a big discussion regarding Google Stadia in the Summer, and technically speaking, June is a Summer month. As such, it seems possibly—if not obvious—that Google ought to attend this year’s event and that a Google Stadia E3 presentation might not be so unexpected after all.

Google Stadia E3 2019: Why Google Might Boycott The E3 2019 Conference

When it comes to predictability, Google is notoriously bad. They have been drip feeding us tidbits of information for over two months now, and yet—despite this—the gaming community’s interest is still as strong as ever thanks to the anticipation of new information. Maintaining this excitement through the power of impatience could be a worthwhile tactic for Google to pursue. Furthermore, from what we’ve seen so far, Google is looking to make a statement; they don’t want to follow the crowd. As such, it is also highly possible that Google might be planning a big announcement just prior to the E3 2019 conference, or otherwise not long after it. Such an unusual tactic could very well be one which Google is striving for, and this would definitely draw the attention of the crowds! Moreover, with the recent rumor that there could be a Google Stadia discussion on June 6th, we can’t help but wonder if this may be the way that Google is trying to take Google Stadia and its advertising.

Will We See Google Stadia E3 2019?

It is, as of yet, unclear as to whether or not we will actually see Google Stadia E3 2019. However, we do know that Google will be releasing more information during the summer of this year, with a release later on in 2019, and with the newly circulating rumors of a Google Stadia update on the 6th, we can’t help but wonder whether Google have kept their secrets close to their chest and won’t be hosting a Google Stadia E3 2019 presentation. Maybe—just maybe—they will be beating the crowds and announcing some fresh Google Stadia information before the conference even begins.

If they do announce anything on the 6th then it would be simultaneously unexpected and exciting—and would perfectly match Google’s actions up until this point.

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