Google Stadia FAQs!

Google Stadia represents a potentially innovative change to the gaming world. As a result of this, it comes as no surprise that many people have found themselves getting a little confused about the nature of the Google Stadia platform. Thusly, we’ve made a list of some of the questions that our team get asked most commonly about Stadia!

Google Stadia FAQs

There are many different questions that people have about Stadia and it would be almost impossible for us to answer every one of these questions! However, we can answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Google Stadia platform!

What Internet Speed Does Stadia Require?

There is a lot of confusion in the gaming community about the internet speed that people will need in order to be able to run Google Stadia games on their device. Luckily, this is actually an incredibly easy Google Stadia FAQ to answer as Google themselves have already given us the information that we need!

Stadia will only need a speed of 20Mbps for gaming in 1080px, which is a more than impressive quality as it is. Alternatively, for Stadia Pro users, 4K gaming will require an internet speed of 35Mbps. For gamers looking to play in lower definition, these internet speeds will (naturally) be even lower, and Stadia will give gamers plenty of opportunities to control their game quality in order to meet requirements.

Will Google Stadia Interfere With Data Caps?

Frustratingly, modern ‘unlimited’ wifi networks aren’t actually as unlimited as they might sound, and this can mean that people who pay hefty sums of money every month to have an unlimited amount of internet are actually limited on the amount that they can use. Once this data cap has been reached, these users then have to pay out an additional fee to get a larger allowance of data—and there is plenty of concern about how Google Stadia gaming will interfere with this.

How stadia will stop data caps
Data caps could be incredibly infuriating for Google Stadia gamers, however, there is the possibility that Google Stadia could be influential enough to force the ISPs to have to change their data caps so that they are a little bit more generous for gamers who need more data to game in ultra high definition.

In short, the answer to this Google Stadia FAQ is—yes. Google Stadia could, for sure, pose a problem when it comes to gaming on an unlimited network with data caps, due to the potentially large amounts of data that cloud gaming will require. Streaming the games is ‘cheaper’, in a data perspective, than actually downloading the games directly onto your console or device; however, it needs to be considered that gaming in ultra high definition or for excessive periods of time every month could lead to you hitting your data caps.

Google Stadia will have a number of different features in place that will allow people to limit the amount of data that they are using while streaming games. This will help, but for people wanting the full Stadia experience, it isn’t really much of a consolation.

However, there is a tiny sliver of hope. What’s not to say that the introduction and large scale roll out of Google Stadia and cloud gaming couldn’t result in the ISPs being forced to lift these data caps to a more reasonable level? You can read our full article on this possibility here.

Is Stadia The Netflix Of Gaming?

Google Stadia has often been called the Netflix of gaming, but this isn’t actually the case. Instead, Stadia is fairly different to Netflix; games on the Google Stadia platform are priced individually and there will be games available from many different developers. However, addition subscription services such as Uplay+ will also be available, some of which might make Stadia gaming feel like using Netflix.

Will There Be Free Games On Stadia?

Stadia Pro users will be given the opportunity to play free games on a monthly basis. At present, though, it is not yet known whether or not there will be free to play games—potentially such as the ones that are found on the App Store—available on the Google Stadia store.

Will There Be A Problem With Latency On Google Stadia?

Previous attempts at cloud gaming have suffered from many different problems and one of the biggest concerns was that of latency. Even a tiny amount of latency can ruin a game for someone who relies on split second reactions which could potentially mean that Stadia might not be a worthwhile investment. Thankfully, we have currently seen no evidence of latency on the Google Stadia platform and the Stadia team have assured that preventing latency has been one of their primary goals. However, current tests have been on a far smaller scale than we will see once Stadia officially rolls out and so only time will tell when it comes to finding out how Stadia will cope with the huge requirements that hundreds of thousands of Stadia gamers all online at one time might create.

How Much Does A Stadia Pro Subscription Cost?

Google Stadia gamers will be given the opportunity to purchase a subscription package known as Stadia Pro. The Stadia Pro package will cost gamers $9.99 per month and this price is more than made up for thanks to the numerous benefits that the package will offer. Not only have Google promised monthly free games for Stadia Pro members—which would likely be worth more than the monthly subscription fee in itself, the first of which will be Destiny 2—but Stadia Pro members will also be able to game in up to 4K resolution and have a far better surround sound experience, just to name a few of the many Stadia Pro perks. For gamers who don’t feel that this is necessary for them then the Stadia Base package is the standard free subscription that users can benefit from.

Don’t forget! If you are interested in trying out the Google Stadia Pro subscription then you can get 6 months—3 months for you and 3 months for a friend—with the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition.

What Is The Founder’s Edition?

This is one of the many Google Stadia FAQs that people love to learn about! The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition is the early access version of Google Stadia that offers exceptionally generous benefits for early gamers. Not only will Founder’s Edition members get the chance to pick their own Google Stadia username before everyone else, but they will also get the chance to benefit from huge discounted prices. The Founder’s Edition includes:

  • The chance to choose your own Google Stadia username before other gamers can even join up to the platform
  • 6 months of the Stadia Pro subscription package—three months for you and three months for a friend with the Buddy Pass
  • Chromecast Ultra, to allow for Google Stadia gaming on your favorite Smart Screen TV
  • Exclusive Founder’s Edition night blue controller—only available to Founder’s Edition members (the other three controller colors are Pure White, Just Black, and Wasabi)
  • Early access to Google Stadia on all supported devices

How Many Games Will Be On Google Stadia? jp jw pj ws js rj rp rw ri cp md.ic.h1JAge5zli
People were initially concerned about the lack of games available on Google Stadia, but the list is now growing rapidly and it is expected that the Google Stadia store could actually offer a wide array of games for gamers to choose from.

One of the biggest early concerns about the Google Stadia platform is that of the games selection. In the early days of Google Stadia, the only game that we knew about was Google Stadia Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Thankfully, as time has passed by, more and more games have been announced for Stadia and this has helped to increase support for the Google Stadia platform!

At present, there have been as many as 4000 developers pledging their support for the Google Stadia platform. Many of these have have not yet been announced as official Google Stadia developers yet, though, so it will be exciting to see which developers are announced to be working with Stadia next!

Interested in learning about what games Stadia has to offer at present? Check out our “All Google Stadia games list” or our “All Google Stadia developers list” here!

Won’t Google Stadia Just Get Cancelled By Google?

There is no doubting that Google has something of a bad reputation for ‘killing off’ some of its old software and applications after they failed to perform as well as the computing giant had hoped. As such, many people have—somewhat understandably—jumped to the conclusion that investing in Google Stadia might be an incredibly big risk to take because of the fact that Google might just delete the platform, with all of the games that people have being purchased being sucked into the metaphorical void along with it.

Thankfully, these concerns seem to be unfounded. Google has put incredibly large amounts of money into Google Stadia, with years of research being put into developing a cloud streaming service that could stand up to the expectations of modern gamers. The company seems to have taken the time to learn from the mistakes that were made by previous cloud gaming providers and this means that Stadia is in a unique position to take over the gaming world!

But what does all of this mean for Stadia potentially getting dissolved? Well, with such significant investment, Google would be mad to simply give up on Stadia in the early days if the interest is a little slower than they might have liked (which, actually, doesn’t look to be likely—instead, Google Stadia seems to only be growing in popularity as time passes by)! Indeed, not only have most of Google’s “Graveyard applications” survived to this day in the form of being ‘merged’ with other applications, but the chance of Stadia not being a success seems marginal anyway—and Google wouldn’t throw away years and years of work and millions of dollars of investment on a whim, anyway.

In short? Google Stadia is here to stay and it is almost 100% certain that it won’t be demoted to the Google Graveyard for many years to come at least.

Will Google Stadia Be Suitable For Families?

This is a Google Stadia FAQ that we’ve been asked a little less commonly but still wanted to include in our list. Google Stadia will definitely be suitable for use for both individual gamers and families alike, thanks to the parental controls and family sharing features that will be available on the platform.

Will There Be Game Mods On Google Stadia?

Everyone loves a mod, and it is thankfully the case that Google Stadia will also allow game developers to release mods for the Stadia platform as well. Of course, Google would have been crazy to not implement such a feature, but it was a relief to learn about it in the Youtube Podcast either way!

Google have also made it known that there will be numerous different monetization options for its Google Stadia developers. This might also mean that in game purchases or premium mods might also be an option for certain games.

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