Google Stadia Featured in NFL Sunday Debut?

Welcome back to ShareSTADIA! Thanks for your continued support and to all our loyal followers and subscribers! We’re here today on the first Sunday of the NFL 2020 football season (in the US). That’s right, the NFL Sunday debut! Football Sunday’s are back, school is back in session, Fall weather is approaching and Halloween is right around the corner (and so is Stadia)! What exactly does that mean, though? Besides more and more gaming, let’s find out!

Will We See Google During the NFL?

The anticipation for football season in the United States is incredible. It’s a massive audience of scattered demographics and an opportunity for Google to really take the stage. As a Stadia community, it has been a difficult journey with the lack of information about Stadia and all the questions the world has. There simply just isn’t a ton of info yet. There are still quite a lot of people who haven’t heard about Stadia at all — and a lot of those people are gamers.

Google Should Consider an NFL Appearance

The audience size of the NFL is huge. Today could be a big, big day for Google if they decide to advertise and spotlight Stadia in the NFL Sunday debut. It would be an excellent marketing campaign for Google, and get an enormous portion of the United States interested in, and talking about Stadia.

As of now, the Stadia community has seemed somewhat limited to Reddit, Twitter and the likes. After all, Google themselves are hosted their official Stadia Connect AMA events on Reddit. Most of the United States is still blind to Stadia, unless you’re actively following tech, news or other gaming industry announcements. Or most people simply just haven’t taken an interest enough yet to care, mostly due to the fact that it hasn’t been in front of them enough.

Google Shined at GDC, E3, Gamescom and PAX — Now NFL?

Google successfully dominated recent events such as the GDC 2019, E3 2019, Gamescom 2019 and most recently, PAX West 2019. Stadia continues to grow more and more popular, and receive more positive reviews. On top of all that, today could be one of the biggest days for Stadia of them all. The need for Google to seal the gap in the US market. To fully take the interest of gamers, when they’re usually in a position of having time, and slamming Stadia right in front of their face.

Do you think we’ll see Stadia during the Sunday NFL debut? We do. We also know that Winter is coming, and it’s not for Stadia. For XBox? PlayStation? Both? Comment your thoughts.

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