Google Stadia FIFA

Soccer games always seem to get a good reception from the gaming community, and Google Stadia FIFA could be the same. But will we get the chance to see Google Stadia FIFA on the Stadia platform?

Soccer Gaming With Google Stadia FIFA

While we have already been told about soccer games being available on the google Stadia platform—namely Google Stadia Football Manager 2020—we have not yet been given any information on the presence of Google Stadia FIFA being made available. But will we get the opportunity to play soccer games on Google Stadia FIFA?

google stadia fifa
Google Stadia FIFA could be coming to the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform.

Over the course of its impressive lifetime, FIFA has been developed by just a single game developer, Electronic Arts. So, what does this mean for a special release of Google Stadia FIFA?

Will We Get To See Google Stadia FIFA 20?

Google Stadia FIFA 20 seems likely, considering that the game is listed on a massive number of platforms already; offering it for Google Stadia therefore could be considered a natural move on the developers’ part. FIFA 19 is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, and the Playstation 4, after all; it could be the case that EA will later announce a release for the Google Stadia platform as well.

What are your thoughts on FIFA 20 coming to Google Stadia? Comment below!

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