Google Stadia For Families

While Google Stadia has, thus far, been aimed primarily at gamers looking for a new platform to play on themselves, we now know that Google Stadia will also be suitable for family use as well!

Google Stadia For Families: What’s Included?

google stadia for families.
Special features and pricing packages may make Google Stadia for families an exciting possibility for gamers with other household members in need of entertainment. Google Stadia will also offer a number of optional parental controls.

Google Stadia for families will allow family members to share content between one another, meaning that siblings and family members can all use the Google Stadia games that are purchased on a Stadia account. Moreover, if the current pricing plans on Youtube are anything to go by, it seems likely that Google will offer an especially generous offer for families for the Stadia Pro package.

Currently, Youtube—which is owned by Google—subscriptions are charged at a price of $10 per month as standard, or $18 per month for a family of up to 5 individuals. By the same assumption, a Google Stadia for families subscription package should (hopefully) offer similar pricing plans for family subscriptions.

Google Stadia for families will also offer users the opportunity to implement parental controls for the Google Stadia software, allowing for parents to be able to monitor and control their kids’ gaming habits and choices.

When Will We Be Able To Use Google Stadia For Families

While Google Stadia for families won’t be a feature that will be available in the early Google Stadia Founder’s Edition release later on this year, the feature will be implemented early on next year—most likely at the full release of the Google Stadia platform, which is expected for March 2020.

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