Google Stadia Free Games Finally Confirmed

Will there be Google Stadia free games available on the Google Stadia gaming platform? We at ShareStadia are happy to report that Google Stadia free games have now been officially confirmed, and by none other than the director for the Google Stadia software himself!

Google Stadia Free Games: The Low Down On Playing Games For Free On Google Stadia

At yesterday’s Google Stadia AMA “Ask Me Anything” event on Reddit, the director for the Google Stadia software—Andrey Doronichev—was asked the question as to whether on not he could shine some light on the nature of Google Stadia free games. These free games have already been referenced in previous Google Stadia announcements; notably, this point was raised at the very first Stadia Connect. However, until now, we actually knew very little about these Google Stadia free games and how they would actually work.

Thankfully, we now have the answers to this pressing question!

Google Stadia Free Games To Be Made Available For The Stadia Pro Package

Google Stadia free games will be made available for those Stadia users who have purchased the premium “Stadia Pro” package. Along with the exciting benefits that a Stadia Pro membership will offer to its players, these individuals will also get the opportunity to benefit from a number of free games. According to Andrey Doronichev, Pro

destiny google stadia free games
Google Stadia free games will be available for members of the Google Stadia software who have the Stadia Pro package. The first Google Stadia free game will be Destiny 2.

members will likely be able to benefit from approximately one free game a month. The first of these free games is set to be Destiny 2, and a number of additional Google Stadia free games titles are likely to be released in the following months.

It is unfortunately the case that the base Google Stadia membership will not offer the additional perk of a Google Stadia free game every month. However, it will be the case that base members will still be able to use the money saved on their membership fees to buy the games that they know and love, which is still a great benefit over having to buy traditional consoles.


Want to learn more about Google Stadia free games and all of the awesome new information that has been announced? Watch this space, because we’ll be covering everything in the coming days; you do not want to miss out on all of the exciting news that will be coming your way soon!

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