Google Stadia Games: Call Of Duty

When it comes to predicting which titles will make the Google Stadia Games database, we can’t help but be confident in the fact that Call of Duty will be somewhere up there.

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Call Of Duty’s developers have been happy to work with all of the big operating systems before. Thus, it seems likely that we’ll see the franchise on the Google Stadia games list as well.

Call of Duty is one of the almost legendary game franchises that almost everyone who has ever owned a gaming console will have at least heard of, if not played. With 27 titles already in existence in the franchise, and with another 4 that were canceled prior to their release, it’s safe to say that the developers behind Call of Duty aren’t afraid to create new games to meet the demand for their product!

At present, there are currently versions of the game available for a wide range of consoles from all of the big three gaming companies—Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox—as well as titles made specifically for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Evidently, there isn’t any particular brand loyalty going on with the Call of Duty developers; it seems logical that they’d be willing to give Stadia a try as well.

Call of Duty focuses on a large number of different warfare situations, with the original titles being set in WWII and the more recent releases focusing on futuristic worlds and the depths of warfare in outer space. Will it one day be possible to join in with these battles during your daily commute to work or on holiday? Only time will tell—but we think that it is highly likely that a Call of Duty title will be created for release on the Google Stadia Games database when it comes out.

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