Google Stadia Games for 2020 Announced!

As one of the perks of being a subscriber of Stadia Pro is that of the free games that are offered, on a monthly basis, to Stadia Pro users. These free games include some major titles, however, Google haven’t yet let us know which games they will be releasing for Pro users for 2020. Thankfully, though, the Stadia team have finally decided that the time is right for gamers to get given a tidbit about the free games that will be available for us to play next year!

With 2020 approaching so quickly now—it’s just a few days away, folks!—it made sense for Google to announce the games that we can be looking forward to in advance. In addition to this, they also made a big announcement about the fate of some of the other games that are currently offered up for free, so make sure you pay attention so that you don’t have to miss out!

New Stadia Pro Games for 2020

Yesterday, a Stadia employee made an announcement about two of the free games that will be offered up to Stadia Pro users, and these games are:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider—a 20th anniversary edition of Tomb Raider that is guaranteed to be even more thrilling than the first instalment of the series! Considering the hit that the first game was, it is safe to say that we should be able to expect big things from this special Google Stadia edition.
  • Thumper—the second game that was announced was Thumper, a third person game which allows players to play in the role of a “Space Beetle” intent on destroying everyone and everything in its path. The premise itself sounds very simple but in reality, this game has achieved a great deal of success on the other platforms that it is available on since its initial release in 2016 and is thusly a very popular “rhythm violence” game.]

It is very exciting to see two free games being offered at once. Perhaps this is due to the fact that January 2020 is something of a milestone, as it is seeing in the new decade, but it does raise the possibility of Google offering up more than the previously promised one free game a month.

When Are The Games Coming?

Both Google Stadia Thumper and Google Stadia Rise of the Tomb Raider will be arriving for Stadia Pro players to play for free on January 1st, 2020—a welcome way to see in the new year and new decade, for sure. Both games offer a very different type of game play, meaning that Google should be easily able to cater for a vast majority of the Stadia Pro membership with at least one of these titles.

What About the Existing Stadia Pro Games?

Currently, Stadia Pro members can enjoy four games for free as a perk of their Stadia membership. These titles—Destiny 2, Farming Simulator 19 (Platinum Edition), Samurai Showdown, and Tomb Raider—are available to claim by Pro members at any time, currently. However, a big change is coming: the new Tomb Raider version will be replacing the old one.

What does this mean for gamers? As of 9AM (PT) on December 31st, gamers who are playing Stadia Pro will no longer be able to claim their free copy of the ‘standard’ Tomb Raider; as such, it is vital that you get on and claim your copy ASAP, if you haven’t already, as the free copy will be lost if you haven’t claimed it in time!

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