Google Stadia Games: Fortnite

While it may not be one of the officially announced Google Stadia games, we at ShareStadia are holding out hope for the presence of Fortnite as part of the Google Stadia Games database!

Google Stadia Games: What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a first person shooter/survival game which was first released relatively recently, in July 2017. It is developed by Epic Games studios—the team behind the Unreal game series and later the Unreal Engine. The success of Fortnite has been fast and unrelenting; only a month after its first early access release, the game already had one million users signed up. Since then, the game series has been nominated for a large number of awards and has won a strong proportion of these, which has served to further enhance and add to the game’s credibility.

Google Stadia Games Fortnite
Fortnite’s rapid rise in popularity following the release of its most recent instalment has been unprecedented.

Google Stadia Games: Will We See Fortnite On Stadia?

When it comes to answering the question of, will Fortnite be available on the Google Stadia games list, there are a number of factors which first need to be considered. Fortnite is already an online game, and it is possible that people could argue that there would not be a huge amount of benefit to the game of creating a version specifically for the Google Stadia platform. However, it should also be noted that Epic Games were happy to create versions of the game for a number of different platforms; it seems likely, therefore, that they might not want to miss out on the Googe Stadia opportunity, which is why we believe that we will end up seeing some version or variant of Fortnite as part of the games database.

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