Google Stadia Games To Be Made By Larian Studios!

When it comes to confirmed Google Stadia games, we’ve been somewhat left in the dark up until now. Thankfully, at today’s Google Stadia Connect event, Google finally saw fit to let us have a sneak peek at some of the games that will be on offer alongside Assassin’s Creed and Doom: Eternal. One of the most exciting pieces of information is the announcement that Larian Studios will be joining the Google Stadia team and creating Google Stadia games!

Google Stadia Games Developer: Who Are Larian Studios?

Google Stadia Games To Be Made By Larian Studios! 1

Larian Studios are a team of Belgian video game developers who have been creating quality content since their founding in 1996. Their most notable work is on the Divinity game series, with their first Divinity game—Divine Divinity—being released in 2002. Since then, they have worked almost exclusively on the action role-playing franchise, and have since developed a reputation for excellence. Their most recent Divinity series title, Divinity: Original Sin II, received critical acclaim for its complexity and highly interactive nature, which makes the team a highly valuable addition to the list of developers for Google Stadia games.

Google Stadia Games Offered By Larian Studios

Despite the success and critical acclaim of the Divinity franchise, it is not a Google Stadia Games To Be Made By Larian Studios! 2Divinity game that Larian Studios will be releasing for Google Stadia. Instead they have created a new addition to the Balder’s Gate franchise for release on the game streaming platform. Balder’s Gate III looks to be based in a medieval setting and will be playable in an exceptionally high quality, making it a highly exciting addition to the list of Google Stadia games.

The graphics are exceptional, and the sound effects chilled us to the bone. Hopefully we can also expect to see a number of other incredibly high quality titles such as this one to join Balder’s Gate III in the Google Stadia games directory as time goes by!

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