Will We See Google Stadia Gift Cards?

One of the many questions that we get asked by the community is that of, “will Google Stadia gift cards be available?” We currently do not know much about this topic, however, there are some clues that we can draw on that will help us to determine whether or not Google Stadia gift cards will be available.

Will We See Google Stadia Gift Cards

Google Stadia gift cards seem like they should be a given, due to the vast earning potential that offering gift cards could present. Most of the other console developers offer their own version of gift cards for users and gamers to buy, and this would make it seem likely that Google would want to cash in on the earning potential as well.

Gift cards are an immediate sale and are great for encouraging shoppers to buy more than they may have otherwise done. This is an incredibly important consideration to note for Google, and so it seems likely that they wouldn’t miss up on such a great opportunity.

Indeed, Google already offer their own range of gift cards: the Google Play cards. This means that Google already have the setup in place for Google Stadia gamers to be able to use these Google Play gift cards—and so, the question now surely has to be whether or not Google will be accepting their own Google Play cards on Google Stadia. Alternatively, there could also be the possibility of Google setting up their own unique gift cards for Stadia. This would work as an effective form of brand awareness marketing material.

But what do you think about Google Stadia gift cards? Could gift cards be a great solution, or would you prefer standard cash and credit/debit card transactions instead?

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