Will Grand Theft Auto be on Google Stadia?

It was recently announced by the developers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, that they would be supporting the Google Stadia software and offering some of their games for the platform. Frustratingly, though, Rockstar Games felt it fitting to make things a little less clear cut for their dedicated fans by saying that they would be announcing “games at their discretion”.

This disclaimer is understandably annoying for any fan of Rockstar Games and Google Stadia, however they aren’t the first to make this announcement; EA and Capcom also made similar statements in regards to the release of their games on the Google Stadia platform.

So, will we see Grand Theft Auto, GTA, on the Google Stadia software? The answer to that is somewhat hard to conclude.

What Is GTA?

GTA is an action-adventure game which features the player attempting to become one of the top criminals in their locale. The game is set in three different fictional cities, and each of these are based off of real life locations—namely New York, Miami, and California—which makes for exciting and believable gameplay. The incredible success of the GTA franchise has led to their being awarded a great deal of acclaim.

Will GTA Be On Google Stadia?

When it comes to asking if GTA will be on Google Stadia, the answer seems likely to be yes. GTA is already available on a number of platforms, including the Game Boy, Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox. It would seem likely for GTA’s availability on the Google Stadia software to be a natural progression of this offering. However, this is neither confirmed nor

Rockstar Games announced that they will be supporting Stadia—but without giving details as to which games will be available. Will GTA be one of them?

denied by Rockstar Games, and so another big title of their’s—such as Red Dead Redemption—could be a possible candidate as well.

Whatever the title that Rockstar Games decides to release, we can’t wait either way! And don’t forget to order your copy of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition while it’s still available as well!

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