Google Stadia Headset: All You Need To Know

When will Google be releasing a Google Stadia headset?

We’ve known that Google have been planning their own Google Stadia controller since the first announcement of Stadia in late March at the AGD, wherein the Google Stadia controller was displayed for viewing. More recently, at the Google I/O 2019 Conference, the controller and its many features was further focused on by the developers.

So, what makes the Google Stadia controller special? And how on earth, I’m sure you’re probably thinking, does this relate to the aforementioned Google Stadia headset?

Why A Google Stadia Headset Is Possible

Thus far, even after (nearly) two months of knowing about Stadia, we really know very little about what will be on offer by the software. Furthermore, in regards to the technicalities of the software, we really know only a few points:

  • Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform and, therefore, won’t require a console to be used
  • Google Stadia will be playable on any device which can run Google Chrome and has a reliable internet connection
  • Though not necessary for using Stadia, a Google Stadia controller will be available for players to purchase to enhance their game play experience

Whilst we know a little more about some of the special features that the Google Stadia controller and Google Stadia itself will be offering, in regards to the basic functioning of the software, that really is all we

Google Stadia Headset 2
Google Stadia Headset

know. As such, is it such a stretch to think that Google may have explored the possibilities that a Google Stadia headset would offer—in particular, a virtual reality headset?

As such, it seems entirely possible to us that Google could still be in the process of creating a Google Stadia headset.

Why A Google Stadia Headset Would Benefit Google?

Naturally, every decision made on Google Stadia has to be of benefit, in some way or another, for Google; it is still a business venture, after all. It could be something as simple as customer satisfaction, or it could also be a feature which allows Google to make more money from a sale.

If Google were to offer a Google Stadia headset, they would get both of these benefits; the players would be thrilled at having a virtual reality Google Stadia headset on which to play their games, meanwhile the sale of these headsets would contribute to Google’s profits.

If Google can produce a Google Stadia headset, and in particular a virtual reality headset, they could vastly increase their sales in relation to Stadia and improve the players’ experience of the software. After all, wouldn’t a Google Stadia headset be great?

Competition Facing The Google Stadia Headset

If Google decided to release a Google Stadia headset, they would be facing a lot of competition in the existing game industry. For a start, Sony’s Playstation 4 already offers virtual reality gaming and has its own headset for that purpose, the starter pack for which retails at over $300, whilst the headset alone without VR integration is still a reasonably large $20. Moreover, Xbox also have their own solution for a headset, which they currently offer on the xBox One itself. It isn’t such a stretch to imagine that both Sony and Xbox could well extend this service to cover their respective cloud gaming services.

How Can The Google Stadia Controller Shed Light On The Google Stadia Headset?

The known existence of the Google Stadia controller goes to prove that Google is more than willing to sell extra, physical goods to run alongside its Google Stadia software, despite there being no console to accompany said goods. As such, particularly when one considers the unique features of

Google Stadia Headset
Google Stadia Headset

the Google Stadia controller—such as its supposed ability to trigger live-streaming on Youtube at a single click—it isn’t such a difficulty to imagine that Google might take the opportunity to also release a Google Stadia headset as well. They are clearly pushing the boat out with their innovative ideas and approach to cloud gaming, and Google has already begun investigations into the potential of virtual reality. It seems highly likely, as such, that Stadia could even be a great opportunity for them to test out the lengths and extremes that cloud gaming can be taken to.

We’re looking forward to seeing whether or not Google will be releasing a Google Stadia headset to accompany the service and the controller, and if it’s not already on the cards, then we think it ought to be!

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