Google Stadia Headset: New Information

What do we know so far about a Google Stadia headset? Google Stadia has, up until this point, been incredibly proud of many of its incredible features, and one of these features is that of the exceptionally advanced sound systems that the software will offer. With Stadia Pro users having the opportunity to play Google Stadia games with full surround sound, there truly are very few platforms that will be able to rival the quality of the audio systems in place for Google Stadia.

However, other than a few basics, we currently know very little about how we can listen to the phenomenal soundtracks that are used for our favorite games, and on question raised by this is that of, “will we be able to use a Google Stadia headset”?

Will We Be Able To Use A Google Stadia Headset?

google stadia watch dogs legion
Google Stadia will give you the chance to play your favorite games, such as the recently announced Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion, with exceptionally high quality surround sound.

One of the great features of the Google Stadia platform is that it can be run from any device that has Google Chrome installed, meaning that your favorite games can be played from your mobile device, your laptop, or even your smart TV! This means that, as such, any audio kit that can be used with these devices should also be compatible with Google Stadia!

But what about a unique Google Stadia headset?

Unfortunately, as of yet, no real information has been given out proving—or disproving, for that matter—the existence of a new headset. However, Andrey Doronichev himself has already pointed out that the Google Stadia controller will have a headphone jack for players who use it, meaning that there could still (possibly) be other options on the horizon in the future as well that simply have not yet been brought to the attention of the general public.

Will There Be A Bluetooth Google Stadia Headset?

Unfortunately, the Google Stadia controller itself will not have a special jack specifically for bluetooth headphones. With that being said, however, there is again the opportunity of using a bluetooth headset, assuming that the device on which you are playing is able to support such bluetooth technologies. Andrey Dorinchev did, however, make a point of saying that these features will not be available ‘at launch’ of the Google Stadia gaming platform, so there still seems to be every possibility that later versions of the Google Stadia controller might be sold with the ability to use specialist bluetooth headsets for Google Stadia gamers.

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