Google Stadia Jobs: Stadia Scholarships Finally Here!

Ready to start your new career in one of the currently available Google Stadia jobs? Or perhaps you want to use your skills instead to start your new professional life on a Google Stadia scholarship. Whichever path you would rather go down, the choice is yours!

Many people who find themselves wanting to get involved in technology will often report that they simply do not know how to start the process. For those more technologically minded individuals among us, getting involved in the industry can often feel difficult and confusing.

Thankfully, Google have recently announced this morning that they are offering fans of Google Stadia with an exciting opportunity: their very own Google Stadia scholarships!

Google Stadia Scholarships vs Google Stadia Jobs

At present, people looking to get involved with Google as a worker can go down one of two routes: they can take on a normal job with the company, or can otherwise join the “Generation Google” scholarships program. But what are the differences?

Simply put, the Google Stadia scholarship program is primarily aimed at young people—especially those who come from backgrounds that have been “historically underrepresented groups”—in order to help develop the computer science skills that they will need. These Google Stadia scholarships are an ideal way to get a footing in the technology industry—whereas Google Stadia jobs are more suited to people who have already got all of the qualifications that they desire.

What Options Are Available?

If you want to get involved with Google and/or Google Stadia then there are three different options available to you: Google Stadia jobs, scholarships, or internships. But which type of career path is the right one for you?

Google Stadia Team Vice President
If you ever thought about joining the Google Stadia Team then one of the Google Stadia scholarships, internships, or jobs could be a great place for you to start your new computer science career!

Google Stadia Jobs Availabilities

If you’re looking to get involved with one of the currently available Google Stadia jobs then you will need to act quickly to ensure that you have the best chance of getting offered a role! Positions for Google Stadia jobs are very limited and seem to be highly sought after, which can make it hard to get involved with the project. However, with the right preparation and CV, it should be entirely possible!

Google Stadia Internships

As an alternative options for people looking for a different way to get a job in the company, Google offer a number of different internships for people to get involved with. These internships are offered in Google’s headquarters all around the globe, from London and Dublin to Paris and Zurich—potentially, these could be a great way for you to get involved with the computer science industry!

While there is no guarantee that you will find an internship that will be in relation to Google Stadia for the year 2020, there is still the possibility—so keep your eyes open for potential opportunities!

Google Stadia Scholarships Programs!

Google offer a number of different programs for scholarships, including its “Generation Google Scholarship”. This Google Stadia scholarship is available for applicants in the US and Canada and offers $10,000USD (or $5,000CAD) to successful applicants. People getting involved with this scholarship will have the opportunity to develop their skills in the technology and computer science industries in general, with a focus now being placed on gaming as well thanks to the upcoming release of Google Stadia!

If you think that a scholarship might be the right path for you to get involved with the technology, computer science, and gaming industries, then don’t delay; applications have now been opened for the 2020 scholarships, and you wouldn’t want to miss your place!

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