Google Stadia June 6th: Next Google Stadia Announcement CONFIRMED!

Google Stadia June 6
Google Stadia June 6 is now a confirmed date! Get ready for a whole load of exciting new information!

There’s been a rumor circulating over these past few days regarding the next google stadia announcement. Some semi-reputable sources have been stating that Google Stadia would be making its next appearance on June 6th. Well, the wait is over; we’re happy to report that this rumor is 100% true!

What does this mean for us as a Google Stadia community? Well, from the sounds of it, a heck of a lot!

Get Ready For Google Stadia June 6!

Google Stadia confirmed on its official Twitter this morning that the first “Stadia Connect” will be happening on June 6th! We can take two things from this: for one, we’re set to be getting a whole load more information in about Google Stadia in just three days time, and secondly, this could very well be an ongoing event from now on! The Google Stadia made the specific point of noting that Thursday’s June 6 Google Stadia Connect event will be the “first ever” of its kind. Could this mean that we will be seeing regular updates on Google Stadia and its development from now on? We sure hope so, at least!

Google Stadia June 6: What’s On Discussion?

Google have made big promises for its first ever Stadia Connect event, and we’re hoping that they’ll live up to those assurances! On the cards is information regarding the launch of Google Stadia (the Google Stadia release date, perhaps?), some game announcements and, excitingly, a reveal of the Google Stadia price at long last!

Watch this space over the coming days, because we’ll be covering all of the exciting updates from the Google Stadia Connect event this Thursday with in depth analysis of every word. You heard it here first!

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