Google Stadia Just Dance: Hit Those Perfect Scores!

Do you love Just Dance? Then the Google Stadia Just Dance version will be perfect for you; dance when you want, how you want, with Google Stadia Just Dance!

Just Dance has, since its very first release on the Nintendo Wii console in 2009, been wowing players with its incredible and eye catching graphics and dance routines. We’re excited to now announce that Google Stadia Just Dance will also be made available to play, and should be ready just in time for the full release of the Google Stadia software!

Indeed, it seems safe to say that Just Dance has long been loved by the gaming community for years as one of those games that anyone can just take out and play; it doesn’t require hours of experience in order to be good at it. All you need is a little enthusiasm—and potentially the ability to laugh at yourself in the process—and you’ll soon be hitting those perfect scores and making just the right moves, in time with the music and your opponents.

What Is Google Stadia Just Dance?

Unlike many of the other titles that have been announced for Google Stadia, the Google Stadia Just Dance game should be far less demanding in terms of both commitments and skill. Just pick up the game and dance; that’s really all there is to it, and best of all, Google Stadia Just Dance will give players the opportunity to have a quick dance wherever they are!

When Will Google Stadia Just Dance Be Made Available?

Google Stadia Just Dance will be made available at some point in 2020, which does unfortunately mean that those players who have placed an order for the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition won’t get the chance to play the game straight away. However, it seems likely that the 2020 release date will be arranged so that it will be at the same time as the full release of the Google Stadia software and the Stadia base pricing package.

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