Google Stadia Launch Represents Gaming’s Future

Alphabet, the owner of Google and Google Stadia, released its annual Earnings Call yesterday. During this event, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced that the Google Stadia Launch will be more than just the release of a new gaming platform, but that it will instead represent a turning point for the gaming industry as a whole. When asked by an analyst about how Google Stadia is being received by game publishers, he responded with the following statement:

“I think there is genuine excitement because I think they see the opportunity for a shift, a point of inflection, but they realized the technical challenge of pulling something like this off. But once they get their hands on the technology and then they see the experience, I think that really wins people over.”

Pichai admitted that Stadia and cloud gaming does, indeed, present many challenges, however he also made it clear that he believes that Game Developers are starting to open their eyes to the opportunities that could be on offer. By using Google Stadia, gamers can get access to all of their favorite AAA rated games in exceptionally high resolutions on their normal devices, which will potentially increase the size of the gaming market to those individuals who can’t afford to pay out for a console but who could justify the cost of a Stadia subscription—if that is Google’s plan for Stadia, anyway, as they have only released a limited amount of information on the charges and cost of the Google Stadia Gaming Platform.

We are optimistic about the potential of the cloud gaming platform and are eagerly awaiting the new information that the Google Stadia launch will bring. It would seem that, as time progresses and more tidbits of information are released, game developers—whose support is critical to the success of Google Stadia—are also warming up to the idea of cloud gaming.

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