Google Stadia Launch: Which Features To Expect

While we do not know the main details about the Google Stadia Launch as of yet, we do know about some of the features that we can—and can’t—expect to see. The Google Stadia features that we do know of are still revolutionary, regardless of whether or not they are all available from the outset, but knowing exactly which ones will be working immediately is exciting nonetheless.

When Will The Google Stadia Launch Be Happening?

The initial Google Stadia launch will be available as early access for those fans who have purchased the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition (the limited edition version of Google Stadia which will be released before the official release).

The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition package can be purchased directly from the Google store (see the end of this post for a link) and will be made available for use in Fall 2019. This is far earlier than the release of the official Google Stadia release, which can be expected at some point in 2020 along with the free Google Stadia pricing package, Stadia Base.

What Features Will Be Available At The Google Stadia Launch?

At the Google Stadia launch, only those players who have purchased the Founder’s Edition will have the chance to get early access to the Stadia software. For these players, the basic Google Stadia features will all be in place already. These features will include playing games on multiple devices and screens; instantaneous downloads and game patches, where applicable; social and sharing features (we’re hoping for crowd play and state share at the launch, ourselves); and access to the Google Stadia games store. Users who are playing early access with the Founder’s Edition will also get the chance to have the first pick of player names, too, which is definitely worthy of bragging rights!

As pointed out by the Google Stadia director, Andrey Doronichev, the beauty of cloud game streaming software is the ease at which the software can be updated—meaning that frequent updates are to be expected, following on from the initial Google Stadia launch. This means that it can be expected that there will be a continuous stream of exciting new features as time goes on!

Not every feature will be available immediately for the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition at the initial Google Stadia launch, but this early access will still give a number of great opportunities for players and we are definitely getting excited now for the initial release.

Where Can I Get The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition?

If you are looking forward to Google Stadia as much as we are and want to get your hands on your own copy of early access to the Google Stadia gaming platform through the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, then more information can be found here:

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Don’t delay; the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition package is available only for a limited time and will offer users a number of cool features, along with the early access itself, including your very own Google Stadia controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra.

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