Google Stadia Madden NFL

One of the most anticipated games for the Google Stadia platform is looking like Google Stadia Madden NFL. But will we get to see a special release of Google Stadia Madden NFL?

What Is Google Stadia Madden NFL?

google stadia madden ngl
EA has neither announced nor denied a release of Madden NFL for the Google Stadia platform. Considering that the games are currently available on numerous big platforms, they could very well be coming to Google Stadia at a later date.

Madden NFL is a game franchise that has been developed and published by EA and EA Sports for over two decades, since the original instalment in the series (John Madden Football) back in 1988. Nowadays, with the release of the highly anticipated Madden NFL 20 at the start of this month, people have begun to wonder whether or not they will get to play Google Stadia Madden NFL.

Madden NFL is categorized as being an American Football game, which is loved for its realism and special features that truly help to incorporate the player into the game. Madden NFL games feature player statistics, play books, and even high quality voice commentary that truly help to blur the line between game and a realistic soccer experience!

Will We See Google Stadia Madden NFL?

The question as to whether or not we will see Google Stadia Madden NFL is one that is difficult to answer. As is the case with the FIFA game series, which has also always been published by EA Sports, there is little evidence on either side; EA has not actively published its support for the Google Stadia platform, however, their games are typically made available on all of the big game consoles. Assuming that the success of Google Stadia is as great as can currently be expected, it therefore seems likely that EA might consider releasing a Madden NFL (or FIFA) game for the Google Stadia platform.

Are you looking forward to seeing Madden NFL on the Google Stadia gaming platform? Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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