Google Stadia Metro Exodus Revealed!

Love post apocalyptic games? Experience the thrill of exploring the hellish wasteland of what was once Russia when Google Stadia Metro Exodus hits our screens—no matter which screen you are playing on!

What Is Google Stadia Metro Exodus?

Google Stadia Metro Exodus is a post apocalypse role playing game that tasks the player with helping the character, Artyom, survive in the wasteland that he now calls his home. But what makes the Google Stadia Metro Exodus game so refreshing when compared to other post apocalyptic games?

google stadia metro exodus
Google Stadia Metro Exodus will continue the exploration of the unique Russian nuclear wasteland. The Metro games are renowned for their exceptionally high quality graphics and voice acting, and the unique Russian setting of the game brings a whole new life to the otherwise overly common gaming theme that is post apocalyptic gaming. The potential for the game with cloud gaming is, therefore, immense.

One of the biggest attractions of the Metro Exodus games is that of the characters involved. What with the game being set not in the United States Wastes, as is so often seen, but instead in the Russian wasteland, it is exciting to get the chance to see a new take on the characters. The voice acting is exceptionally good and the thick Russian accents make for both a believable and exciting gameplay experience.


Expanding upon the previous instalments in the Metro series and following the story of the same character, the game now features an even more expansive gameplay opportunity than in the previous versions of the game, with players now traversing the entire Russian continent aboard a ship called the Aurora.

When Will We See Google Stadia Metro Exodus?

While Google have not released an official date for Google Stadia Metro Exodus, it seems likely that we will get to see the game available on the Stadia gaming platform—at the very latest—at the full release next year. If we are lucky, though, we might even get to see the game available on the Founder’s Edition release in Fall 2019 (which is now mere weeks away, so if you haven’t yet got your copy of the early access to Stadia, get it today by following our instructions!)

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