Google Stadia on Non-Pixel Phones!

For quite some time, the gaming community was left in the dark about what mobile devices Google Stadia would be available on; this was quite a notable concern, due to the revolutionary nature of being able to play AAA games on mobile. Thankfully, though, Google Stadia gamers who do not have a Pixel phone no longer need to worry about whether the platform will be available on their devices, as testing for Stadia has now commenced for Android model phones!

An announcement made by Google in November went to prove that we would get to play Stadia on all of our devices, where the intention was for the platform to “run on every screen eventually.” The team claimed the following, thereby proving that other mobile users should get the chance to properly play Stadia games on their mobile devices at some point this year.

Android and iOS and whatnot. We’re starting with Pixel this year [2019]. Hope to learn a bunch, make it great and start expanding to more devices next year [2020].

In addition to this, there have also been reports in recent weeks of Stadia gamers being able to temporarily play games on their non-Pixel devices. It can be assumed that this is a test by Google as to the faesibility of running Stadia on non-Pixel devices, as opposed to a glitch in the software.

Replacing the generic “choose where to play” button, that would suggest gamers play with their Chromecast Ultra on their smart TV or on a computer, gamers were able to load up a single session of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. This was only possible for people who had already connected to a Stadia controller, but the game reportedly ran just as well as it would on any of the Pixel model phones.

Unfortunately, this trial was random in nature; if you weren’t lucky enough to see the option on your device then there’s nothing that can be done now but wait. That aside, it’s great to see progress and we look forward to seeing our favorite Stadia games available on other devices as the year progresses.

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