First Look at the Google Stadia Packaging!

Have you ever wondered how your new Google Stadia purchases will look when they finally arrive? The thought of the unique packaging that will be used to contain the Google Stadia controller and the Chromebook Ultra that come with the Founder’s Edition may well have crossed your mind, and a potential sneak peek may have been revealed yesterday as to what we can expect!

Google Stadia Packaging: What To Expect

As with the majority of the designs that we have seen thus far for Google Stadia, the design of the Google Stadia packaging appears to be simplistic in nature. The design does not feature excessive decoration, which could make it unsightly; instead, the packaging is simple and clean cut, making it clear for people to see what is enclosed with each package.

We rather like the design of the Google Stadia packaging here at ShareStadia; the clean white design of the box is professional but not uninviting, which helps to add a sense of class to Stadia that other game consoles might not offer with their packaging.

What About Other Google Stadia Packaging Color Schemes?

At present, it seems likely that this design—if it is indeed from a legitimate leaked source—will be the standard design used for all of the Google Stadia packaging. Some people have questioned whether the white background on the examples above could be in relation to the color of the Google Stadia controller.

If this was the case, we might get the chance to see the same design of packaging in a deep, night blue color for people who have pre-ordered a copy of the Founder’s Edition (which is now selling out of stock all around the globe!) While this seems somewhat unlikely, it is still an interesting possibility to consider.

Final Thoughts

We rather like the overall simplistic design of this Google Stadia packaging, but what do you think? Do you think the design is effective, or would you prefer to see a little more color for the boxes?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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