Google Stadia Pixel 4 Gaming Experience!

Google’s own Pixel mobile phone is one of the devices on which people will be able to play Google Stadia games. However, up until now, we have not had very much information about the specific models on which we will be able to play—until now, that is!

New information has recently been revealed that announces that the newest model in the Pixel phone lineup will be capable of playing Stadia. Introducing: Google Stadia Pixel 4!

Google Stadia Pixel 4: The Details

Google Stadia Pixel 4 gaming will allow people to use their mobile phones to play all of their favorite titles and games on the cloud. But what is the Pixel 4 phone, and what can we expect to see from Google Stadia Pixel 4 gaming?

Playing Google Stadia On Pixel 4

When it comes to playing games on a mobile device, many people often find that the quality of these games can be lacking. However, the introduction of Google Stadia and other similar cloud based gaming platforms should help to change this out of date feature of mobile gaming.

At present, we do not know whether it will be possible for people who own a mobile device other than the Google Pixel to use Stadia; while it seems like it would be logical for people to be able to play Stadia games on iPhones, Androids and the like (provided that these phones had Google Chrome downloaded and working) this is not a definite.

Indeed, there are arguments for both possibilities; by limiting Stadia to only Pixel phones, Google could be losing out on a very large share of the mobile gaming market—however, they could also profit from the additional Pixel phone sales that such a limitation might encourage.

The Pixel 4 will come in two different sizes: the standard Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL.

But what about Google Stadia gaming on the new Pixel 4 phone? From Google Stadia Pixel 4, we are expecting quite a high quality gaming experience for a number of different reasons.

Google Stadia Pixel 4—RAM

google stadia pixel 4 phone
Playing Google Stadia on the new Pixel 4 device could be an incredibly high quality experience, based on the specs that the phone offers.

From what we know so far about the Pixel 4 device—which, as of yet, has not been officially released—there will be a number of differences between the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 4 devices. For one, there have been a number of different sources recently that suggest that the Pixel 4 should have a far improved RAM than its predecessor, the Pixel 3; current knowledge suggests that the new model will offer a RAM of 6GB instead of the previous offering of a (somewhat disappointing) 4GB.

Google Stadia Pixel 4—Resolution

In addition to an improvement in the RAM offering, the new Pixel 4 will also offer a far superior display resolution than the Pixel 3. The new model will likely boast a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. And, after all, if you’re paying for a Google Stadia subscription or even if you’re using the free Stadia package, quality gaming is vital to our enjoyment of the experience.

Playing Google Stadia On Pixel 3 Phones

There has been some debate in the past about the possibility of Google Stadia only being available for the Pixel 4 device, but these concerns seem largely unfounded. By doing so, Google would be blocking a massive amount of its potential market for Stadia, and as such, Google Stadia Pixel 2 and Google Stadia Pixel 3 seems like a very real possibility as well. The possibility of Stadia gaming on other operating systems and devices, though, is more unclear.

When Will The Pixel 4 Be Released?

The Google Stadia Pixel 4 will be released about half way through October, sources confirm, and this puts the release of the device just in time for the release of Google Stadia. With Google making so many plans for the later months of 2019, it therefore seems quite likely that they might be considering the fact that the Pixel 4 is ideally suited for Google Stadia gamers—there is even the (highly likely) possibility that the Google team might have gone as far as to design the device specifically to make Google Stadia Pixel 4 gaming the best possible experience.

What do you think? Will Google Stadia Pixel 4 gaming be flawless, or would you rather see Stadia on other device types or models of Pixel phones? Read more about Google Stadia mobile gaming here or let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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