Google Stadia Price Confirmed: Stadia Pro Plan

When it comes to gaming, Google Stadia is set to lead the way with its exceptionally high quality cloud streaming service—and, after two months of desperately questioning how the service will be priced and how much it will cost, Google themselves have finally given us an answer as to the Google Stadia price!

Google Stadia Price Plans Revealed!

At Google’s live stream of Stadia Connect today, they announced a critical piece of information: Google Stadia will offer their premium game streaming service, Stadia Pro, for a mere $9.99 per month—that’s half the price of Sony’s Playstation Now plan, and by the sounds of it, we’ll be getting far more for our money as well!

Stadia Pro will offer users the highest game streaming services in the industry, with high definition resolution HDR games being streamed at qualities of up to 4K and 60 FPS, with a surround sound of an impressive 5.1! If that wasn’t enough, the Stadia Pro membership offers subscribers a constantly updating content for their library, so you’ll never be at a loss for incredibly high quality streamed games to play!

Free Google Stadia Price Plans Could Be Happening?

Google themselves described Stadia Pro as their ‘premium subscription’ for Google Stadia (as the package’s name would suggest). Does this mean that there’ll be other, cheaper plans—or maybe even a free Google Stadia price plan—on offer with slightly lower resolutions and frame rates? Quite possibly!

If we were looking forward to the Google Stadia release before, then this new Google Stadia price information means that we’re positively about ready to implode from excitement! It seems likely to us, based on Google’s choice of words, that we can expect a number of different packages to be made available for Google Stadia, and a free Google Stadia price plan could even be on the cards.

Move aside, Playstation Now; Google Stadia is set to be the unbeatable leader for cloud gaming services on both quality and price!

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