Google Stadia Price: New Information

Ever since the GDC back in March, the gaming community has been desperate for new information on Google Stadia. One of the hot topics is in relation to the Google Stadia price, and many people have attempted to make a prediction on this (us included). However, up until now, we have actually had no idea at all as to how Google will be charging users for its service, and we have only been able to base our expectations off of what we have seen with other companies who have attempted cloud gaming (most notably the PS Now).

However, we did get a small tidbit from Phil Harrison, Google Stadia VP, at the 2019 GamesBeat summit in an interview with Amy Hennig. Harrison was characteristically tight lipped, especially in regards to the Google Stadia price, and only replied to Hennig’s question about the business model by saying that more information on how users can buy games will be coming later in the summer. However, he did give one small tidbit to the audience of Game Developers:

Our platform, on a fundamental level, has been architected to support a very wide variety of monetization options.

Whilst this is vague at best, it gives us hope for a wide variety of games on the platform.   DLCs can clearly be expected, and potentially these ‘monetisation options’ may make some high quality, free-to-play titles possible. Some other potential options include free trials and the option to rent or purchase a title, as you see fit.

For now, we’ll have to wait until the summer to find out more in regards to the Google Stadia price.

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