Google Stadia Price, Release Date & Games – Everything We Know

Google Stadia Price — A Question We All Have

Stadia GDC 2019 PresentationAfter Google’s announcement of Stadia that shocked the global gaming community at GDC 2019, there have been many questions left unanswered and many speculations about Google’s new cloud-based streaming gaming platform, Stadia. After years in development, formerly known as Project Stream, Google has promised to deliver triple-A game titles via Stadia to anyone with at least a 25mbps Internet connection — regardless of hardware. There have been many claims that Stadia could be the future of gaming.

Google Stadia Price – How much is Google Stadia going to cost?

Stadia GDC 2019Even though Google Stadia was thoroughly presented and demoed during GDC 2019, Google still hasn’t addressed one key component — how much will Google Stadia cost? While Google has still yet to confirm a price as of this article’s date, current video game streaming services like PlayStation Now, are around the $20 per month.

There is a possibility, however, that Google will do-away with the monthly subscription model and create their own pricing structure. More information on Google Stadia’s price and what we can expect Stadia to cost should become available as we get closer to Summer.

Google Stadia Release Date – When is Google Stadia’s launch date?

Stadia Launching 2019You guessed it! Google Stadia’s release date is another topic that Google has been particularly quiet about. Google has already mentioned that Stadia will be launching in 2019, and that they’re hoping to launch Stadia in the Americas and most parts of Europe by the end of 2019. Other regions are most likely to follow into early 2020 and beyond.

Another key factor will be whether your Internet and connection speed will be suitable for Google Stadia. Feel free to check out our article where we’ve already covered the specs, as well as note above that Google has mentioned at least 25mbps.

Google Stadia Games – What’s there to play on Google Stadia?

B52273BD-8C38-4224-954F-64E821E8764CAs of now, we already know about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the upcoming Doom Eternal. They were already demoed at GDC 2019. But what other games will be available for Stadia? As of now, we only know of one other game — an untitled game from Q-Games’ PixelJunk studio. Google is also working with hundreds of game developers, and has invited even more to work with them during the announcement at GDC 2019.

Third-party releases and games on Google Stadia will no doubt be important for its success, and dominance over PlayStation and Microsoft. Google has also formed a studio, led by former Ubisoft and EA exec Jade Raymond, that will focus specifically on first-party (developed in house) games for Google Stadia!

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