BIG NEWS: Official Google Stadia Release Date Confirmed!

Ever wondered when the Google Stadia release date would be? For many months, there has been much talk among the gaming community about the possibility of a Fall Google Stadia release, but until now all we knew was that Stadia was coming out at some point in November. Read on to discover the official Google Stadia release date!

The Google Stadia Release Date Conundrum

The gaming community, regardless of their opinion of the Google Stadia gaming platform, has been waiting with a great deal of anticipation for the final announcement of the Google Stadia release date.

For a long time, we knew very little about when Google Stadia would be appearing on our devices and screens. Early assumptions and estimates ranged between Summer and Fall primarily, and we later learned that Stadia would be coming out in Fall 2019; as it happens, this Fall 2019 release would only be for early access Google Stadia users who had purchased a copy of either the Founder’s Edition or the new, second-tier offering that is the premier edition. However, it was only very recently that we were actually made aware of when Stadia would be coming out officially—in fact, the Google Stadia release date was announced just this morning!

When We Expected The Google Stadia Release Date To Be

Predict Google Stadia's Release Date!
For a long while, the gaming community has been waiting with baited breath to learn when the Google Stadia release date would be.

For a short while now, we have known that the exact release date for Google Stadia would be somewhere in November, and our best estimates put a likely Google Stadia release date as being the 13th November, or somewhere around that date. The primary reasoning for this was based on a number of different points which seemed to suggest that the early access release would also lie around this date, with the following being the most notable pieces of evidence that we had at the time:

  • Thanksgiving is coming up on the 28th of November, and the platform would surely be out in time for that event. However, Google has not yet been able to test out its cloud gaming platform on the potential scale that it might be used on when it goes available publicly; as such, it made sense that they would release Stadia a week or two in advance in order to give themselves time to iron out any problems and bugs that might have been missed during the initial testing stages.
    • This would indicate that the Google Stadia release date might be somewhere around the 14th to the 21st of November, if Google had planned ahead effectively—after all, an appalling release with tons of bugs and problems just before Thanksgiving would hardly be good press for a gaming platform that is still leaving many in the gaming community unconvinced and skeptical.
  • Eagle eyed Reddit users noticed that orders for Google Stadia controllers were being shipped around the 12th or the 13th of November. While it was perfectly possible that these controllers could have been shipped a long time before the release of Stadia, it seems likely that they wouldn’t be sent out huge lengths of time before or after the release—thusly putting a potential (but highly likely) Google Stadia release date at around the 10th to the 16th or so.

The Real Google Stadia Release Date Finally Announced Officially!

Finally, after literally (over) half a year of waiting, Google finally saw fit this afternoon to announce the release date for the Google Stadia platform! We can now say with confidence that the access Google Stadia release date has been planned for November 19th, 2019.

While this release date is a little later than we had originally predicted, it is still a date that makes a great deal of sense for the company. Being just a short 9 days before Thanksgiving, there should be a huge hype surrounding the public release of Google Stadia—while also giving plenty of time for the team to sort out the biggest problems that might arise.

There can be little doubt that Google will have a huge amount of their team working tirelessly to make this initial release run smoothly and without fault—meaning that Google Stadia Thanksgiving gaming should be exactly what you would expect from a Google product.

Was the Google Stadia release date around the time that you expected? Will you be using Google Stadia this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!

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