The Google Stadia Revolution

Could a Google Stadia revolution really happen? Are we facing the end of traditional console gaming as we know it with the rise of the era of cloud gaming services? Veteran game writer and developer, Amy Hennig, seems to be of the opinion that a Google Stadia takeover isn’t such a fantasy as Xbox and PlayStation want you to believe.

As Hennig, who is now best known for her work on the Uncharted franchise, pointed out in an interview with Eurogamer, the current AAA games cost stupendous amounts to build and develop. The margin for error is minimal; with the rising costs for production, a game has to be a success. The introduction of game streaming could help to alleviate this problem, with all sizes of developers being able to take more risks thanks to the reduced development costs for a streamed game. As such, the success of game streaming—and most notably a Stadia takeover—could well be a possibility.

When Will The Stadia Revolution Happen?

As with many aspects of Stadia, Google has chosen to remain quiet about when it plans to release Stadia to the general public. However,  we do have a few clues and have been told to expect Stadia at some point in 2019. Phil Harrison, VP for Google, had mentioned back in March that Stadia’s next official appearance would be in June, and some fans took that to mean that a release could also be possible then.

In our opinion, that seems fairly unlikely, with a much more realistic expectation being later on in the year. Typically gaming systems are first released in November time, and whilst it would make much more sense for Google to beat this date, a release any earlier than the fall is improbable. For more information on when to expect Stadia, we recommend that you read our full analysis and review here. Also, check out our German friends over at Stadia Gaming for more interesting Stadia content!

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